Asian-inspired Interior Design Style

The formation of the trending interior design often depends on the uniqueness of the local culture. Different elements of that culture will then be integrated into the interior design and the decoration style. Nowadays, as more people are concerned about the interior design for their home, a variety of decoration styles are discovered to satisfy the people’s needs. These include Asian-inspired interior design style, and the rustic interior design style.

In the Asian-inspired interior design style, the design style often focuses on simplicity and minimalism. It aims to bring peace and calming effect to those who are living in the house. You can create this design by arranging the interior effectively to create a spacious interior space along with the surrounding natural elements. If you are interested in bringing the Asian style into your house interior design, you can create a more spacious interior space by having a seamless transition between the interior part and the exterior part of your house. What you need is as simple as installing our product, the Optima 88 folding door, to link the interior and exterior parts of your house. In creating an Asian-style interior, it is important to create the balance element. You can create balance and harmony by using different elements in your house. For example, you can replace a concrete wall with our product, the Optima 88 folding doors to create a transparent wall. You can add some stone decorations too to enhance this oriental design.

You should never miss the element of water in your house for the Asian-inspired design. According to Feng Shui, the sound of the flowing water brings harmony and positivity. So, you can actually add in a small koi pond at the exterior part. To make the theme stands out more, you can link the pond with any parts of your house such as the dining room with the Optima 88 folding doors. You can then listen to the soothing sound of the flowing water and feel more relaxed while enjoying your daily meals. Moreover, by installing the folding door to link your living room with your garden, you will be able to bring out the oriental feel with the greenery view. You can also get the warm natural sunlight from the exterior when you install the transparent folding door. This will help to create a more positive atmosphere and you can calm yourself at home during the weekend after a busy week at work.

Moving on to the rustic interior design style, this design style often focuses on natural beauty with the use of natural materials such as woods and earthy colours. This style suits villas, hotels and even expensive restaurants. To create the rustic setting in your house, hotel or even restaurants, it is important to include a natural setting as part of your house. With the use of the Optima 88 folding doors, you can link the exterior nature such as the lake view with the living room, the lobby or the entrance of your restaurant. This will certainly attract more customers as your place can provide an extraordinary hotel and dining experience.

Besides that, rustic design, similar to the Asian-inspired design, aims to bring comfort and warmth. You can create a cozy rustic-style home by having more natural lights entering your house. As rustic-style homes are mostly decorated with woods and stone décor, it is important to allow natural lights to make the house looking dazzlingly bright and more cheerful. By adding our Optima 88 folding doors from the backyard and link it with the kitchen and dining area, it will surely help to open the space up and bring in more natural light into the house. Furthermore, the wooden furniture, décor and even the stone wall setting in the rustic-style home will stand out more with the natural sunlight.

If you wish for a simple interior design with some additional unique taste, you can actually consider the Asian-inspired style or the rustic style. With our premium-quality Optima 88 folding doors, we assure your Asian style and rustic style homes will be the perfect ones. Remember, a better living and a quality life starts from little details that bring you a big difference.