Best Security Door Designs for Malaysian Homes

Security or safety doors used to offer only utilitarian purposes, which means they are often bulky steel doors or iron grilles that don’t particularly look good. Today, homeowners no longer need to compromise aesthetics with safety, thanks to the availability of premium safety doors from reputable brands like Window Elements.

A well-known doors and windows company in Malaysia, Window Elements has a wide range of safety aluminium doors that provide high security at home as well as a plethora of innovative features. Additionally, these doors are designed with an eye-pleasing appearance to complement your home’s architectural style.

Window Elements offers four types of doors: folding, swing, sliding and pivot (a combination of swing and slide door design) via their Optima and Arxtech range, each providing safety and aesthetics benefits to help you create the home of your dreams. Let’s take a closer look at these four types of doors and how they would benefit you.

The Swing Door: Classic and Highly Versatile Security Door

A swing door comes with hinges that allow you to swing it inward or outward. Some swing doors can also swing both ways at the same time. Along with hinges, it usually comes with a door frame, door leaf, lock and so on. Swing doors are practical doors which offer safety and security. They are also durable and low maintenance.

Window Elements’ Optima78 swing door is made from premium quality aluminium which can be powder coated or covered with wood grain finishing to match your interior specifications. This series also comes in a variety of glass selection. Optima 78 glass swing door features large transparent glass panes which are ideal as a patio door or balcony door to bring in outdoor views as well as ensure plenty of natural light. They are also designed to be highly secured, thanks to Optima’s unique locking system. Additionally, the glass door is made from top-notch quality panes which are strong and difficult to break.

The Sliding Door: Smooth and Sleek Door with Safety Design

This type of door slides open back and forth and usually comprises two door leaves placed above runners for smooth operation. Unlike swing doors which take up space to swing them open, a sliding door is space-saving, making it ideal for small spaces. It is also a versatile door that can be incorporated into different spaces at home.

Window Elements’ Arxtech sliding doors are exclusively designed with two essential accessories: a 6-point locking system and fully imported rollers from Italy to ensure a combination of security and efficiency. They also come with fine combs of wool hair at the frame gaps for superior sound insulation. On top of this, Arxtech sliding door features security mesh on the outer facade and glass on the inside. It’s an incredible option if you are looking to replace the conventional iron grille with something more secure. Despite its lightweight appearance, this door is highly secure, and its mesh system also offers the benefit of keeping mosquitoes and other insects out.

The Pivot Door (Swing and Slide door): Amazing Security and Elegant Features

If you want all the benefits of security swing and sliding door, the Optima 89 pivot door is an excellent investment for the home. This door is perfect for contemporary homes that require a larger door to access different spaces. As it consists of a multi-directional feature (pivot and slide function), this highly secure yet versatile door maximises your space while giving you the flexibility of partitioning your space into any form or shape. To ensure they blend in with contemporary interior design, door panels also come with concealed rollers and sleek frames to create a highly streamlined look.

The Folding Door: Space-Saving and Secure

A folding door is also known as a bi-fold door, which consists of multiple panels or sections that can be opened and folded either internally or externally. However, unlike sliding doors where door leaves slide into each other, the panels of folding doors will fold back and stack upon each other when you open the door. This type of door is best for internal or external room dividers. Compared to swing doors and sliding doors, folding doors make room for a bigger entryway to enhance the transition from one space to another. You can also use a folding door to transform different spaces in a home.

If you are looking for a stylish folding door, Arxtech folding door system provides you with a convenient and flexible bi-folding door that also includes optimum security using a 6-point locking system. Designed with premium materials, this locking system secures both the top and bottom of the door panel for better home safety.