Swing Door/Window (Security Mesh)


The ForteMesh Swing Door System features a series of stylish aluminium swing doors that come in your choice of finishing material to suits your personality and optimum security by using a multi-point locking system that secures both the top and bottom of the door panel.

It can be finished with a powder coat or wood grain to match any of your interior designs, and can be custom-made to your liking into any size or thickness, making the system a seamless addition to any home.


• Virtually see-through.
• 2mm (1mm + 1mm) thickness High Tensile Stainless Steel Wire joined together through a mechanical and chemical bonding process.
• High quality Concealed Hinges and Premium Quality Aluminum Die Casting Multipoint Handle.
• Powder-coated finish on 2.0mm- to 2.5mm-thick aluminium.
• Aluminium window frame available in your choice of powder coated colour or wood grain finish.

Premium Quality Aluminum Die Casting Multipoint Handle

High quality Concealed Hinges