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Experience Functionality & Bliss Through a Different Perspective

What makes a perfect home? Could it be the perfect interior decoration or the perfect exterior? Surely enough, it’s the combination of both with the use of different materials on your wall and floor finishing, furnitures, fittings and a beautiful landscape. The other two important things that really give you that whole experience when you’re living in your house or looking from the outside are your windows and doors.

Optima Windows & Doors offer reliability and the variety to match everything else that form the perfect home and work place. The aluminium and glass used are of high quality and are completely customisable with your choice of powder coated colours or wood grain finish, different sizes, various designs, multiple function and equipped with accessories from world-recognized brands simply because we believe that one’s privacy, security and comfort should never be compromised.

Optima29 Casement Window

Optima29 (Casement Window)


The perfect model for the perfect minimalist. Optima 29 is a clean-cut design with square edged inner frames adjacent to the outer frame (flat surface), concealed hinges and water drainage channel.

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Optima38 Casement Window

Optima38 (Casement Window)


With its dramatically wide and deep frame, Optima 38 is designed to create that grand entrance or feature window display that stands as a statement on its own.

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Optima 68 Sliding Door

Optima68 (Sliding Door)


Optima 68 sliding door comes with fine combs of wool hair attached to the frame gaps for sound insulation and enhanced with accessories and rollers, giving you that graceful & smooth motion, so you can open and close with great ease and comfort.

Closed door.


Fully opened.

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Optima 78 Swing Door

Optima78 (Swing Door)


Optima 78 is a stylish aluminium swing door that comes in your choice of powder coated or wood grain finishing to match any of your interior designs. It can be custom made to your liking into any size or thickness, making it an essential part of every home and office.

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House with aluminium folding door

Optima88 (Folding Door)


Optima 88 folding door system is able to transform any interior into a totally different view, while offering home owners flexible access and optimum security by using a 2-point locking system that secures both top and bottom of the door panel.

Closed door.


Fully opened.

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Bungalow with Aluminium Swing & Slide Door open

Optima89 (Swing & Slide Door)


Optima 89 is the ultimate door & partition system for any household or commercial building with its multi-directional feature (pivot and slide function) that not only allows your space to be maximized but also giving you the flexibility of partitioning your space into any form or shape.

Aluminium swing and slide door closed
Aluminium swing and slide door push to left

Left folded door.

Aluminium swing and slide door centre swivel

Centre folded door.

Aluminium swing and slide door push to right

Right folded door.

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Customization & Specifications

Optima windows & doors are also customizable to suit different needs. You can mix and match the finishing, specifications and accessories to create the perfect system that best fits your requirement.

The windows and doors are assembled with the finest accessories in the market. Most of the important parts such as rollers, handles and lock sets are imported from Europe, made by world-known manufacturers. The parts are tested and picked to match the design of our windows and doors to ensure ease of use, hence offering you a tasteful and comfortable lifestyle.

years warranty

Security Lock & Accessories come with a 6 years warranty.

years warranty

Powder Coating & Wood Grain Finishing come with a 12 years warranty.


Available in the following options:

  1. Swing Door
  2. Sliding Door
  3. Folding Door
  4. Swing & Slide Door


Optima Panel System features multiple functions within a single structure of a window to a door.

Available in the following options to be built into the Optima Doors:

  1. Casement Window
  2. Glass Louvre Window
  3. Aluminium Louvre Window
  4. Fixed Glass Panel

*Glass and aluminium louvre windows can be built into a casement window (option) before building into the Optima doors.

optima panel system closed doors
optima panel system opened doors