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4 panel sliding door
kitchen with sliding door opened
kitchen with fixed glass and sliding door closed


2Wadi Valencia

LocationSungai Buloh
Archfad / SC Teh Architect

What makes your bungalow a little different from the others? If you care a little bit more about the use of materials and the interior design of your home, we assure you that you will thank yourself for making the right decision for your aesthetically pleasing and comfortable home.

Looking into our previous project at the heart of Sungai Buloh, 2WADI VALENCIA features a modernly-designed three-storey residential building. You wouldn’t keep your eyes off this marvelous residential building for its luxurious pool and pool house design. You will be even amazed with its interior design as stones and woods are nicely used on walls and floors to create an ultimately attractive and relaxing interior.

One of the highlights of this residential building is certainly its pool and the pool house. The pool is located at the ground floor of the building. Therefore, the living room and also the other common spaces of the ground floor have installed numerous aluminum folding doors to enhance the aesthetic value of the building. Residents and even their guests will be able to enjoy the spectacular pool view, both day and night, as the folding doors have created a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor. A private pool party can never be as perfect as in this residential building as you can just jump into the pool anytime as the folding doors provide a flexible access to outdoor and at the same time provide an optimum security by using a 2-point locking system.

Another space that you should not miss in this residential building is its kitchen. The kitchen features a high-tech and modern interior decoration and most importantly, it is spacious. It is even attached with a mini patio. The installation of casement windows surrounding the kitchen has not only allowed the natural sunlight to brighten up the whole kitchen, it has also enhanced the interior architecture design of the building. The windows have successfully complemented the modern kitchenware and at the same time able to showcase the spaciousness of the kitchen in this building. Kitchen experience will never be the same tedious process for the residents of this building. Another outstanding feature in this kitchen is surely the aluminium sliding door that connects the kitchen and the mini patio. This does not only transition the space into a warm and friendly one, but also provide opportunities for unique dining experiences and even an entertaining space for its residents and their guests.

Moving to the upper floors, this residential building features terraces which are fenced with aluminium railings and wooden handlebars. The choice of installing the aluminium folding doors between indoors and the terraces is surely a wise one as folding doors can act as the best connection to outdoor. The installation of the aluminium folding doors has indirectly enriched the overall aesthetic of the building design as the doors help to include the nature as part of the building view. As with the living experience, the residents’ daily life quality can be enhanced with the lush greenery view through the transparent aluminium folding doors.

The overall architecture design of this residential building highlights the importance of light through the installation of the aluminium folding doors and casement windows. Natural sunlight can be captured into the building and it can help to create a warm and engaging atmosphere. Residents will be more energized in their everyday lives and their guests will certainly be more delighted with the welcoming space. However, these aesthetically appealing features do not comprise the security feature. The windows are security proven crime safe casement windows. Shattered proof tempered glass and security mesh are utilized and the windows are highly resistant to incursions and burglaries.

As any family home, the architectural design of this residential building recognises the need for privacy and security. Therefore, the security mesh of the windows and doors does not only allow clear view and ventilation, but they are also able to maintain security. The high-tensile mesh is resilient to meet the security requirements. Besides, the doors and windows are made of premium grade aluminium, thus these doors and windows are strong and durable. Residents are well-assured that our products are durable, secure and energy-efficient that do not only satisfy their needs and styles but also perform on par or beyond any expectation.