One of our projects located at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang was an one of a kind development when traditional meets modern design. This double-storey building is designed specifically to deliver the light, airy and clean style, which make a great getaway from the hectic work life. With the installation of Window Elements’ aluminium windows and doors, we create a home that works for you.

At the first glance, the whole building is a true representation of sustainable living as its architecture design highlights the importance of light. Every corner of the building is surrounded with glass windows and doors to bring in a lot of light and appreciate the verdant acreage surrounding the building. The building also features customized windows with different shapes and sizes, each is powder coated with sand brown colour to complement the white walls and the wooden floor. The coordinating colour of the doors and windows give you a harmonious look which is inviting, spacious and calm.

When you enter the home through the ground floor main entrance, a large staircase is the first thing you see. Along the staircase and the hall way, a row of fixed clear glass windows and top hung windows flood each and every corner with natural light and the beautiful outdoor scenery, leading you a step towards retreat and relaxation. The fixed glass windows were customized into different rectangular sizes to make them more unique and eye-catching. The top hung windows on top of the fixed glass windows can be opened at anytime with ease to allow natural ventilation in the room. When it comes to window design, there is really no one standard rule. It is up to your creativity to design, customize and match different types of windows to suite your style and needs and WE helps you to make your vision comes true.

One of the most unique designs of the entire building was the living room. It is truly a physical representation of what we all envision in our home. The whole living room is surrounded with sliding doors and swing doors which further expand the space by giving you a direct access to the balcony. Although the living room features a high ceiling, it is still cozy and comforting as the several swing doors and sliding doors bring light and warmth into the interiors. Sitting on the couch and looking at the panoramic view, the living room is definitely an everyday luxury and the perfect place to hangout with your family, read a book or just let your mind wander.

The kitchen and the dining area feature an open floor plan which the two areas are connected. One of the outstanding designs was the installation of the folding doors that connect the kitchen and dining area to the outdoor. Folding doors do not only allow the natural sunlight to brighten up the whole place, they also enhance the interior architecture design of the building. This completely transforms the dining experience for its residents and their guests.

On the other hand, the bedroom is definitely a private sanctuary that is synonymous to exclusivity and discerning living. Instead of confining yourself within four walls, the bedroom has two of the walls down by replacing them with floor-to-ceiling picture windows and swing door. The picture windows and glass swing door can capture natural sunlight and provide good ventilation to the room. This can successfully reduce the carbon footprint and the energy consumption of the house. The outdoor scenery and the glass windows present a confident mix of elegance and laid-back feel. Having the bed facing the windows, the good atmosphere lets you fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed and recharged. Of course, you can put the curtains down at any time to enjoy peaceful living and privacy.

As any family home, the architectural design of this residential building recognises the need for privacy and security. Therefore, the glass windows and doors installed in this building have security screen and security mesh to meet the safety requirements. The security mesh is made from stainless steel which is highly resilient and strong in order to withstand any break in attempts. With the use of Window Elements’ premium grade aluminium windows and doors, the residents are well-assured that our products are durable, energy-efficient and secure.

Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

Building Category Living
Powder Coated Sand Brown WD 8310-1
Glass Type 6.38 – 12.38 Laminated PVB Clear Glass
Location Bukit Tinggi, Pahang
Completion 2018
Architect Homun Architect