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Crescendo House

LocationKuala Lumpur
29Design / SC Teh Architect

The ‘crescendo’ house, by its name, self-explanatory that this house is demonstrating an escalating volume vertically in which naturally captures panoramic view of lush green valley and hills beyond.

By its challenging contour site profile, this house had been planned to have a series of spatial programmes which involve vertical stacking and volumetric weaving. To initiate this kind of master planning, the overall massing for this house had been divided into 2 distinct volumes, in which, the front pavilion is consisted of public spaces and interlocking with the rear pavilion that contains private zones. The exterior design of the house features modern casement windows, sliding window and premium security mesh.

In order to minimize the alteration of existing land profile, this house has been planned to be seen as if it is emerging from the slope rather than being brutally carved and buried into the hill as the easiest solution. The first designing step taken was to identify an ideal datum for new ground floor level for the house.

We had chosen 8.5m above road level with the consideration of having 2 levels of “transition space” below as part of the entrance to the house. As the result, the new ground floor level that consists of spaces like Living, Dining, Kitchen & Breakfast Patio are elevated and eventually functioning as several viewing platforms for the house.

The main feature for the house, which can be seen from the street, is the column free “L” shape cantilevered Living space that hovers above the porch. The Living space has a double ceiling height and it was embraced by the custom aluminium louvres that are supported by cantilevered metal beam. The aluminium sliding doors & folding doors are meant to be drawn open where else, the frameless clear glass railings are playing an important role as the invisible barrier for the space. Our intention is to extend the perimeter of Living space to the balcony and to greenery beyond.