Kg Janda Baik, Pahang

Building Category Living
Powder Coated White PC RAL 9016
Glass Type 6.38 – 8.38 Laminated PVB Clear Glass
Location Kg Janda Baik, Pahang
Completion 2018

When designing and renovating home, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. Other than the aesthetic, Window Elements’ products also focus on the people who live in the property by solving real-life problems and making  their life better. To demonstrate, check out one of our projects. Strategically positioned at the heart of Kg Janda Baik, Pahang, this architectural wonder is one of the safest places you can live in the area. The structure of the bungalow includes a porch, terraces at both sides and a patio where you can relax. At first glance, the astonishing architecture details entice us to walk into this beautiful building.

The whole building features a variety of Window Elements’ useful and accessible products, including louvre windows, folding windows, floor to ceiling windows, casement windows, WinBlind windows and folding door. The doors and windows are covered with security mesh and the window panes are all made of thick tempered glass for safety. These different shades and designs of the aluminium windows and doors certainly add some architectural characters to this building, making every corner of the building an eye catching sight for its guests and a perfect home for a family.

When you have got a view of the lush greenery, a wall of windows is a dramatic solution when you want to preserve a beautiful vantage. Looking at the bungalow overview, you can see that the whole building consists of numerous types of aluminium windows which each of them are unique by themselves and can be used for different functions and purposes. Although the bungalow consists of different window and door types, the windows and doors are designed to provide the best possible picture. The repeating shapes and designs of the windows add continuity and consistency to the exterior of the building as they are all powder coated in white PC RAL 9016. The white powder coating of the windows and doors also complements the white walls and the white pillars of the bungalow. This gives us a clean and comfortable look.

The kitchen features custom folding window and casement windows that can be opened when needed. The folding window and casement windows allow warm sunlight to enter the kitchen and keep the kitchen ventilated and airy. The folding window will definitely enlighten your cooking experience as you can enjoy cooking with a wide and uninterrupted view. On the other hand, the casement windows also have a higher style point although they provide the same usefulness as traditional windows.

The bungalow also consists of floor to ceiling windows that give you a breathtaking view wherever you go. The floor to ceiling windows with smooth finishing and modern lines successfully meld the outdoor lush greenery and the interior modern design into one grand view. These windows are great light sources as sunlight can penetrate the building from each and every corner of the building. The windows successfully transitioned the whole building into a bright, open and friendly place.

At the ground floor, the folding security mesh door allows easy passage from the living room to the patio and let the warm and bright sunlight to enter the interior of the building. The aluminium folding door creates a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors which gives you an escape to the nature. At the first floor, the elegant aluminium folding door also link the master suite to the balcony. When opened, a panoramic and magnificent view leads you to the incredible greenery surrounding the bungalow. The security mesh folding door also allows good ventilation and breeze in the interior. It makes every bit of energy savings and convenience counts. Furthermore, winblind windows and adjustable louvre windows were installed to give the owner a sense of privacy.

In general, Window Elements’ products are aesthetically appealing, well ventilated and safe. Made from high quality aluminium and glass, our products guarantee your safety and comfort at home. All the aluminium doors and windows consist of security mesh to provide the highest resistance to incursions and burglaries. A restful sleep, a better living experience and an easy operation of the doors and windows are the things you can achieve in your house effortlessly.