One of the our overseas projects is located at The Star Platinum in the Phnom Penh City, the capital of Cambodia. This villa is build on the 2 acres land with 4 individuals building, including the main villa, guest house, and 2 gazebos. The inviting front porch and picket fence provide plenty of classic modern appeal. The astonishing architecture entices us to walk into this beautiful building. Many architectural details come together in this building to bring your vision to life.

At the first glance, what attracts us most is definitely the front view of the building. Undoubtedly, the front view of the building captures the breathtaking ambience of an European architecture. Besides, the aluminium windows, range from different sizes and heights, small to big, rectangular to various shapes can be seen on the front, back and side of the building. These different shades and designs of the aluminium windows certainly add some architectural characters to this building, making every corner of the building an eye catching sight. With professional design and up-to-scale architectural materials, The Star Platinum is guaranteed to leave an everlasting impression to its guests.

Looking at the ground floor, we know that an entry can be so much more than just a door. The 2-storeys tall aluminium windows are the focal point of the entire building. The aluminium windows allow warm and bright sunlight to enter the interior of the building. The security mesh sliding windows on the upper level also allow good ventilation and breeze in the interior. They successfully transitioned the whole building into an open and friendly place by creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The large multi-pane aluminium windows also emphasize the room height of the interior and reveal the majestic grandeur and simplicity of the architecture. In this case, windows are not only a light source but a way to showcase an interior architectural features. For instance, the window grids provide visual texture and sophistication, the contrast between the white wall and black window frames adds the elegant flare and the semicircular shape of the window tops complement the architecture of the building.

The whole building consists of numerous aluminium windows. The repeating shapes and designs of the windows add continuity and consistency to the exterior of the building. It also gives us a clean and comfortable look. Pay attention to the muntins – the narrow strips that divide windows into multiple windowpanes, you can see similar but distinctive designs from the windows at the ground floor and the windows on the upper level. This shows the versatility of our aluminium windows that everything can be custom made and manufactured specially to suite different purposes and needs. Besides, the railings and windows are security proven crime-safe casement windows.  They consist of shattered proof tempered glass and security mesh. Every aluminium windows were specifically made to provide the highest resistance to incursions and burglaries. They are aesthetically appealing without compromising their functionality and security.

The doors and the windows are perfect matches and they complement each other. The whole building incorporated different kind of doors, including swing doors, sliding doors and folding doors. The doors and windows are all made of thick laminated tempered glass and aluminium. This gives a sense of unity by creating visual harmony. Sun lights can penetrate the building from each and every corner of the building.

The front entrance is a swing door that allows easy passage. At the side, the aluminium folding doors create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors and allow an escape to the nature. On the upper level, the elegant aluminium sliding doors can be opened to give a panoramic and hawk-eyed view to the incredible The Star Platinum of the Phnom Penh City.

The architectural design of the building also aims to give a sense of discrete openness. The security mesh of the windows and doors fulfil their function in providing plenty of sunlight into the interior without overshadowing the need for privacy and security. Each aluminium doors are welcoming and inviting but they are also strong and durable. Made from premium grade aluminium, these doors and windows provide strength and durability. Low maintenance of cleaning is only needed with the outrageous number of windows and doors in this building as the aluminium doors can be cleaned easily with any detergent and the powder coating on the doors protects the doors from scratches and fading.

ASEAN project

Building Category Living
Powder Coated Tex. Grey PC 7028
Glass Type PVB Green color
11.52mm laminated tempered glass
17.52mm laminated tempered glass
18.76 mm Double Glazing tempered glass
Location Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Site The Star Platinum
Completion 2019

We do supply to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for luxury villa in high specification and quality system to fulfill local high-end market requirement.