This beautiful home is situated at the heart of Kuala Lumpur and it is the premier destination for comfort and relaxation. It features some of the best home designs that you have ever seen. From the entrance, there is a spacious garage for at least two vehicles. A flight of stairs on the left side of the building lead you to the living areas while on right, there is a spacious yard to relax and chill. The doors installed are aluminium swing doors and sliding doors. The railings and windows are all shattered proof tempered glass for safety purposes. Hence, this beautiful home does not only offer an aesthetic appeal to you and your family, but it can also be a safe haven where you can live without worrying too much.

Overall, the architectural design of the building gravitated towards a clean modern look. Looking at the exterior of the building, the bungalow features a lot of floor to ceiling picture windows, casement windows and sliding doors so even during the hottest days, the house stays well insulated and cool. The aluminium doors and windows perfectly complement the while walls, white pillars and dark roof but contrast with the outdoor lush greenery. They provide a modern and dramatic accent and the repetition of the black and white colours draw our eyes through the space.

Although the structure of the building was spectacular, the home was designed to be functional and comfortable as well. The concept of the design was to create a spacious, resilient and low maintenance home. Hence, as what you see, windows feature heavily throughout the whole building. For instance, the first floor and second floor of the building features sliding doors, fixed glass windows and top hung windows. Although different windows were installed, the aluminium frames add consistency of the design and help to provide the best grand picture, giving us a clean and comfortable look.

When opened, the sliding doors and top hung windows enable breeze and sunlight into the living area to create a more open, airy and light-filled home. Instead of switching on the air conditioner, aluminium sliding doors and the top hung windows have better indoor cooling effect while not consuming much energy to reduce your energy bill. Undoubtedly, this helps to lessen our carbon footprint and minimize our individual effect on the environment.

Besides, the sliding doors also allow smooth transition from the living area to the balcony. The balcony is surrounded with glass fences to give you an unobstructed and panoramic view of the verdant acreage surrounding the building, allowing you to enjoy each season in an immersive way. With the breathtaking outdoor views and a cup of coffee, this will become your favourite spot of the house to relax and chill.

Next to the yard, a small house with grass rooftop extended from the living area. It is very unique as sliding doors and picture windows were installed at the front and two sides of it. With the walls down, the space is reflective and bright. You can enjoy the lush greenery view anywhere and anytime. The aluminium sliding doors also provide seamless connection and ease the transition from home to yard. This will be the perfect place for parents to rest and chill while the children are playing at the yard.

For security and convenience, the windows and doors throughout the building are also protected with crime safe security mesh and tempered glass. They were extensively tested and proved to have outstanding impact resistance ability to withstand any break in attempts. The security mesh also acts as a barrier so that outsiders cannot look into the interior of the building, giving you a sense of privacy and a peace of mind. When you choose Window Elements, you don’t have to compromise for low quality doors and windows as you can obtain both quality and aesthetic in your hands.


LocationKuala Lumpur