ArxTech Safety Door & Window

The Art Of Keeping You Safe

Quality, technology and innovation are three of the fundamental aspects in creating a trusted and secured brand. With the time-tested philosophies of hard work and dedication for a safer home and work place, ArxTech was created and transformed to a range of products – ArxTech casement window, ArxTech sliding door, ArxTech folding door and ArxTech swing door.

With the notion of creating a safer environment, ArxTech’s dedicated team of professional consultants are trained to work together with you, designing suitable solutions for your distinct needs. As a pioneer in the industry of premium security home accessories, ArxTech understands the quality and design requirements for different market needs, taking care of your home interior while making it safe. ArxTech products such as ArxTech casement window, ArxTech sliding door, ArxTech folding door and ArxTech swing door are not only made to be strong and durable, they also excel in their functionality and aesthetic appeal. ArxTech products have no restrictions on the venue. They are suitable for all kinds of property and design, such as villa, bungalow, store, studio and so on. Every doors and windows can be designed, manufactured and custom made based on your needs and tastes from small windows to large folding doors. There is no compromise for low quality doors and windows as you can obtain quality and aesthetic in your hands when you choose ArxTech products.

ArxTech has been safeguarding homes and its occupants for 12 years of warranty, in the mean time continually pushing the limits of aesthetics and security in one complete package. We has spent considerable resources and done meticulous research in engineering and fine-tuning on our products to meet the security requirements and architectural design. Without a doubt, our products speak for themselves. It is time to say ‘Goodbye’ to conventional steel bars that make you feel imprisoned and cold.

Looking Forward Through A Whole New Window & Door

A window or a door used to constitute just a frame and a glass but now, it is the time for you to be a part of a renaissance of window accessories! Modern windows and doors should not only serve as an aesthetic part of your home but it should also act as a security barrier against unlawful intruders, burglars and strangers to protect your family and loved ones.

As glass windows, sliding doors and  folding doors are gaining popularity nowadays, many of us have doubts in the level of security they provide since a large section of our solid wall is being replaced by the fragile glass. It is true that when windows increase in size, their attractiveness to unwanted intruders and thieves also increase. To clear this doubts, ArxTech has specifically designed and engineered security screen and security mesh for your windows and doors to cater to the needs of security and protection.

Introducing the security screen and aluminium sash you should not live without.

What is a Security Screen and Security Mesh?

ArxTech security screens, also known as High Tensile Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, are steel mesh panels used as a penetration-resistant shield behind windows and doors. Security screen is made by simultaneously slitting and stretching a solid sheet of steel, making one continuous sheet that cannot be untangled at the strands. On the other hand, ArxTech security mesh is made from stainless steel and it is patented and woven into a fine mesh, providing high security and protection. It is a highly resilient and durable barrier that can withstand any break in attempts. ArxTech security mesh is also designed uniquely that the thickness of the wire mesh is thicker than the standard market thickness. Undoubtedly, ArxTech security screen has an outstanding impact resistance ability and excellent cutting resistance quality which keep the intruders at bay.

Here Are Some Of The Accessories & Parts We Offer,
And The Strength Of Our Products

High Tensile Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

1. High Tensile Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Industry-leading toughness and durability. Wire thickness of 2.4mm (1.2mm + 1.2mm) is used for all ArxTech mesh products instead of the standard market thickness of 1.73mm.

Multipoint Locking System

2. Multipoint Locking System

The doors and windows of ArxTech feature a unique 6-point lock system. The lock system is one of the strongest in the industry. Perfect to keep things in and unwanted stuff out.

Concealed Hinge

3. Concealed Hinge

Our copper hinge is completely concealed and invisible from either sides of the door when closed, giving a refined, premium look. It is solidly built and made to withstand long periods of usage.


4. Handle

Smooth finish and specially made for easy day-to-day usage with a choice of either 2-point locking system or a multi-point locking system, these premium-quality powder coated Aluminium handles.

Powder Coating Finishing or Wood Grain Finishing

5. Powder Coating Finishing or Wood Grain Finishing

We offer 2 types of finishing on our products. Powder Coating finishing is generally high-impact resistant and environmentally friendly; it is also very durable and comes in a multitude of colours. Alternatively, Wood Grain finishing gives your home an elegant and earthy look.

Premium Security Solution

ArxTech Security Products never fails to achieve your standard in home security. Our products are specifically made to provide the highest resistance to incursions and burglaries, giving you the peace of mind you undoubtedly deserve. Keep in mind that your doors and windows are your first line of defence. If you are concerned about keeping intruders out of your home, your property or your business, you should consider ArxTech security screens as they are strong and durable. From the outlook, this screen may look attractive and unassuming but it is way more than it looks. Initially, these screens were made for hurricane and tornado protection but they evolved and were used more for security purposes. They have been proved to be more effective than plywood. These security screens are made of heavy gauge stainless steel which cannot be gouged with a sharp object like a crowbar, hammer or even being shot by bullets, making it very hard for anyone to break in.

The security mesh also keeps out animals, insects and pests from breaking through your windows and doors. It is designed to replace grille and mosquito net and it is available in different applications such as casement window, sliding window and door, swing door and folding door. The security mesh also looks subtle and good from the outside as compared to conventional steel bars which make the buildings look cold and uninviting. Besides, unlike steel bars that trap people inside, ArxTech products are also easy to operate for entry and exit in case of emergency.

Our security windows and security doors are tested extensively under a variety aggressive circumstances to make sure that we achieve or even exceed the standards. With advanced technology and constant research, ArxTech products are setting the bar higher and pushing the boundaries further. We are so sure of our product quality that we cover them with a 12 year security warranty.


Our products are designed through meticulous research and testing in order to give you the highest levels of protection.

While other brands of security mesh will simply break down from multiple barrages, ArxTech will be able to withstand the harshest punishments, and still remain intact and fully functional.

All ArxTech products are put through stringent tests before they are authorised for production. These tests include:

DYNAMIC IMPACT TEST – This test is conducted to ensure a significant amount of impact resistance to the system of the sash panel and its components. The test comprises of having test instructors repeatedly swinging and kicking directly to the mesh for 15 times.

KNOCK SHEAR TEST – This test simulates an attack on the windows or doors as intruders try to break through the screen. It is aims to recreate the effect of someone attacking your doors or windows with a 12 pound of hammer or similar tools.

JEMMY TEST – A strength test designed to simulate attempted forced-entry by intruders using an implement to pry open doors and windows or break locks and hinges by applying leverage forces against the system.

LOCK & HINGE LEVER TEST – This strength test is simulated by allowing a standardised narrow-blade lever to be inserted against the locking, fastening and hinging points and a turning force is applied to hose points via the lever.

GRILL SHEAR TEST – The mesh are tested for material hardness under this test, to ensure the force required to sever the cords of ArxTech grills meet or exceed the requirements of the standard.


At ArxTech, we believe the products should be designed to protect your family and home, property from intruders and perform its task better than any other products in the market. During the designing process, functionality, durability and style all given equal importance. This is to ensure that ArxTech is always ready to be the first, and the last step for your comfort and security.

There are several benefits of choosing ArxTech products. As what was being mentioned above, ArxTech security doors and security windows have high impact resistance and insect protection, keeping your property secure 24 hours a day and all year long.

Besides, the security screens also provide clear, unobstructed vision and good ventilation. ArxTech security screens allow breeze and sunlight to pass through. They do not block off any sunlight, air flow and circulation. You can see through your doors and windows with a clear outdoor view without compromising your privacy. In other way, ArxTech products are also energy saving as they help to keep a comfortable temperature inside your property while costing minimum energy. The security screens allow natural light to brighten up your room and provide high levels of insulation, waterproof and noise reduction. This keeps your property warm in cold weather and cool in summer, which ultimately reduce your energy bills for electric fan consumption and air conditioning. Moreover, ArxTech security screen is environmental friendly as it could block our 68.8% of harmful UV rays, keeping your family safe and healthy.

  • Products designed based on years of experience and meticulous research
  • All products are designed and put through intensive durability tests to ensure that they withstand the worst of today’s envPironment.
  • Only the best quality and premium materials are used in our products
  • Highly functional and durable, yet elegant and stylish.
  • 12 years warranty for your peace of mind.
Clear Vision

Clear Vision

Airflow & Circulation

Airflow and Circulation

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

68.8% UV Blockout

68.8% UV Blockout

Protection from Insects

Protection from Insects

Impact Resistance

Impact Resistance

No Bars

No Bars

Easily Use Entry and Exit

Easily Use, Entry and Exit

Custom Made

Custom Made

a girl sitting next to Arxtech security mesh casement window



The ArxTech Casement Window system is one of the most flexible systems available today. Through meticulous research and testing, ArxTech offers a window system with high levels of thermal performance and a 6-point interlocking system that is able to withstand high levels of daily use and abuse (i.e. pushing and pulling forces).

Arxtech security mesh sliding doors



ArxTech Sliding Door comes with fine combs of wool hair at the frame gaps for superior sound insulation. They are enhanced with two crucial accessories; a 6-point locking system.

Arxtech security mesh swing doors



The ArxTech Swing Door System features a series of stylish aluminium swing doors that come in your choice of finishing material to suits your personality and optimum security by using a 6-point locking system that secures both the top and bottom of the door panel.

Arxtech Premium Security Aluminium Folding Door



If you are looking to transform your interior into a totally different style, the ArxTech Folding Door System is the magic wand you need. The system offers you a convenient and flexible access, in addition to providing optimum security by using a 6-point locking system that secures both the top and bottom of the door panel.