The advantages of security mesh windows & doors (safety windows & safety doors)

When we think about enhancing the security of our home, we often think about how to improve the security of our doors and windows as they are the first line of defence to deter intruders and thieves. Investing security mesh system is definitely an effective alternative to solve your security concerns by enhancing the security of your property and giving your family and loved ones the ultimate protection. Although their primary role is to provide security and protection, security mesh systems have a range of other benefits.

1. Increased Level of Security and Protection
Installing security mesh doors and security mesh windows are effective ways to protect your home from burglaries and thefts. When selecting security mesh system, it is advisable to choose security mesh that is made from high tensile stainless steel wire mesh such as ArxTech’s security mesh. It is patented and woven into a fine mesh, which is a resilient and durable barrier that can withstand any break in attempts.

Compared to standard windows and doors that are easily rust, tampered with and broken into, high quality security mesh windows and doors have outstanding impact resistance ability and excellent cutting resistance quality to keep the intruders at bay. It is definitely one of the essentials if you are living alone. Other than deterring the intruders and thieves, security mesh windows and doors also keep the insects and pests that would compromise your comfort outside of your house.

2. Prevention of accidents
Installing security mesh windows and doors are effective in keeping your pets and toddlers safe. Security doors and windows allow them to see the view and enjoy the breeze at the same time prevent their access to outdoor and accidents from happening, giving you a piece of mind when you are tied with work and household chores.

3. Invisible and transparent
Without opening your windows and doors, security mesh windows and doors allow sunlight and fresh air into the interior. They give you clear outdoor view while passersby could not see inside your house. This gives you a sense a privacy while creating a light-filled, spacious and comfortable living environment.

4. Easy to open and easy to escape
Compared to conventional steel bar, security windows and doors can be easily opened for escaping in case of fire or other emergency. A good quality security door and security window are also fire retardant. They will help to stop the spread of the flames.

5. Power saving and energy saving
Installing security mesh system is definitely an alternative to reduce the energy consumption of your house especially during hot days. The improved ventilation and natural cooling of your home will drastically reduce your energy bills on air conditioning.

6. Minimal Maintenance
Security doors and security windows require minimal maintenance as they are not affected by the factors such as rusting, fading and rotting. They are effective in withstanding various environment threats to function for a long period of time.

7. Blocking UV rays
Security mesh windows and doors can block up to 30% of UV rays so that you can avoid the harm of UV rays to the skin while enjoying the sunlight.

8. Appealing Design
Security mesh windows and doors are not only made to be strong and durable, they are also excellent in their functionality and aesthetic appeal. The security mesh look subtle and elegant from the outside as compared to conventional steel bars which make the buildings look cold and uninviting. Besides, they fit well with all range of interior and exterior designs and can be customize in terms of colours, sizes and other specifications based on your styles and requirements.

9. Low-carbon and Environmental Protection
Security mesh windows and doors are made from environmentally friendly materials. This helps to reduce pollution and your carbon footprint.

10. Wide Application
Security mesh systems are versatile as they are applicable to a range of products such as casement windows, sliding windows, sliding doors, swing doors and folding doors. They are also suitable for all kinds of properties and designs, such as villa, bungalow, store, studio and so on.

In conclusion, security mesh doors and windows are versatile, functional, secure and durable. They are reliable deterrents that can ensure your safety and comfort. There is no need to compromise for low quality doors and windows as you can obtain quality and aesthetic in your hands when you choose security mesh products.