Transform These 5 Spaces with Aluminium Folding Doors

A versatile choice for modern homes, folding doors can enhance your property in practical yet stylish ways. They often take the spotlight as a focal point or a wow factor feature in key living spaces, thanks to a variety of materials and designs available.

While folding doors are very common now, many people still confuse sliding doors with folding doors. They are actually two different types of doors, each with its own distinctive characteristics. Sliding doors comprise fixed panels that are made from glass or other materials. They open and close by sliding back and forth. Folding doors, on the other hand, features multiple panels or sections. When these multi-folding doors are opened, they become a flat surface; when closed the panels fold back and stack upon each other.

Folding doors, especially those made from high quality materials like aluminium offer many advantages which make them an excellent long-term investment for the home. Whether you have a large home or a small dwelling, these five spaces would benefit the most from aluminium folding doors: living and dining areas, semi-outdoor spaces, bedrooms with their own balconies as well as spare rooms.

Optima88 Aluminium Folding Door open

For landed residences, if your living room opens out to the garden or front lawn, an aluminium folding door is the best option to give you the best views, fresh air and natural light while ensuring you enjoy privacy as and when you want it. Designed for both large and small living spaces, aluminium folding doors visually link outdoor spaces with indoor rooms to create a nature-inspired ambience. As you sit at the lounge with your family, you can easily open the folding door to let in fresh breezes from the outdoors. For the dining room, folding doors can be designed to open out to garden views to give you the feeling of dining outdoors amid a lush green environment.

From the inside, aluminium folding doors work beautifully in both classic and minimalist styled interiors to set off a luxurious atmosphere. For the exterior, aluminium folding door design offers a sleeker and more elegant profile because the materials allow thinner door frames to be constructed. Whether it is for the dining or living room, if these spaces are directly connected to the outdoor, it is a good idea to get doors integrated with security features. For example, the ultra-stylish Arxtech aluminium folding door from Window Elements which provides optimum security with its multi-point locking system that secures the top and bottom of the door panel.

Outdoor spaces that are partially covered like patios, courtyards or pool decks can be made more elegant and functional with aluminium folding doors. Instead of having a solid or grille door that you need to lock and unlock with a key just to get to your patio, a folding door gives you instant and easier access, along with optimal views and ventilation. This transforms your semi-outdoor space into a more functional area that you can use for patio dining or as a chillax zones with an indoor swing and bench seating.

Do bear in mind that semi-outdoor spaces are subject to rain and sun as well, so it is recommended to go for folding doors made from durable materials. While folding doors are available in many types of materials from aluminium, wood, particleboard, plywood, MDF and HDF, aluminium is highly recommended because it is long lasting, sturdy yet lightweight in appearance. It is also highly resilient as it can withstand heat and moisture, which means your aluminium folding door stays strong through rainy weather or hot sunny days and will still look good after many years. However, never go for low grade aluminium as many of its durable qualities will be compromised.

Take the Optima 88 Folding Door from Window Elements for example. It is an ideal folding door for outdoor-indoor spaces because it is made from premium grade aluminium and comes with excellent design aesthetics which gives you the advantage of a good-looking aluminium folding door that is strong and hardy as well.

If you have a bedroom that comes with its own balcony, take advantage of it by using an aluminium folding door. When you need privacy and peace and quiet, it is easy to just close it up. On those evenings that you would like to take breather at your balcony, or mornings that you want to watch the sunrise, a folding door gives you easy access to your balcony space. At night, when you sleep, you can close it completely or leave it partially opened to let in fresh air throughout the night.

Folding doors are ideal for interior spaces as well. If you have a study room, or an additional room that leads to a living area or family hall, it is worth considering having an aluminium folding door instead of a single wood door. With an aluminium folding door, you can easily open up this spare room to connect with the living area outside to give you a larger space when you have special events at home like home parties, wedding tea ceremonies or family gatherings. This provides more space for guests to walk about so that it won’t be so crowded and cramped. When not in used, you can close the folding door and use the room for other purposes.