AlzoFold Folding Door

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AlzoFold Folding Door

By choosing AlzoFold Folding Door, we have done our research for you. You don’t have to compromise on low quality doors, as our folding doors deliver reliable performance and high level of satisfaction for your use of a lifetime. So, what makes our AlzoFold Folding Door so special?

When you are looking for a good quality door, the key idea is to identify the material used in it. Folding doors can be made from several materials, such as wood, pvc and aluminium. The materials of your door can affect its stability, efficiency and ecstatic. For your assurance, our AlzoFold Folding Door is made from premium grade aluminium, which provides strength, security, durability, minimal maintenance  and it is easier to operate. Hence, our folding doors are not suitable for bathroom or toilet door but more suitable as an exterior door that links to outside patio, balcony, garden or swimming pool deck. This provides a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor, maximizes exposure of day light and it surely allows you to enjoy the ecstatic panoramic view from your living room or bedroom.

Last but not least, you don’t have to settle for a poor design too. Take our AlzoFold Folding Door as an example, the details in the door add an air of craftsmanship while the simple, minimalist design create a sophisticated, modern flare. Our design is suitable for a variety of property, including villa, bungalow, apartments, etc. In Window Elelments, we aware of the small details that make a great difference in your life.


• Powder coated finish to 2 to 3 mm thick aluminium.
• Available in your choice of powder coated colour or wood grain finish.
• A selection of glass is available.
• Neoprene Gasket seal on inside face only.
• We-CH-090 custom designed concealed hinges.
• Optional lattice design or full glass.

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When thinking about interior design, many of us fail to see the importance of a good door. A good selection of doors can make a great difference. Interior design, as equally important as the exterior design, helps to create a comfortable home by taking in space, furniture arrangement, colours and lighting into consideration. One of the keys to enhance the interior design of a comfortable home is certainly choosing the right doors.

If you are currently in a house with greenery view around, should you choose a wooden door that blocks the view? Wouldn’t it be better if you install a door where you can always enjoy the beauty of the nature? Or if you are living in a luxurious villa or a bungalow with a swimming pool, wouldn’t you wish to have a view of it from your living room? If you have these concerns, we are here to give you’re the best option.

Left Door : 4 panel folding Door All Push to left side
Middle Door: 5 panel folding Door All Push to left side
Right Door : 4 panel Folding Door All push to right side

Our AlzoFold folding doors are certainly a must-have item for enhancing the interior design of your house. Our product is made from the premium grade aluminium. You need not to be worried about the quality as it is assured in terms of strength, security, durability, minimal maintenance and most importantly, it is easier to operate. Our product helps to enhance the interior design of your house by adding more aesthetic value to your house. The folding doors serve as a perfect link between the outdoor and indoor parts of your house. The living room of your villa is going to be a “wow” space if you use the folding door as a transparent wall. You can certainly enjoy the splendid outside view with the swimming pool deck. And you can dive into the pool anytime by just opening the folding doors. If you are staying in a villa or bungalow facing the sea, you should never miss installing our AlzoFold folding doors with your living room or the balcony. The spectacular sea view along with the perfect sunrise and sunset is awaiting you.

4 panel Folding Window, 2 panel push to left and 2 panel push to right. After fully open, would feel very good view !

Our AlzoFold folding doors enhance the interior design of our house by maximizing spaces in every part of your house. Instead of feeling trapped in a house with walls, our transparent doors will help to calm you down by giving more space and stunning garden view. Next, your house is going to be more comfortable with our product as it allows natural sunlight to enter the house.  This does not only brighten up every corner of your house, you will feel at ease after your stressful work life. Your daily workout pleasure can be levelled up too with the space that allows natural lights. Doing stretching or yoga at the spacious second living room in your house couldn’t be better if you install our product that allows you to feel the warmth of the natural sunlight and also the peace from the greenery view. Moreover, you will no longer feel bored with the dull household chores when you can enjoy the attractive view at the same time. You can wash the dishes while having the greenery view to accompany you.

6 panel Folding Door with center opening to push equally 3 panel to left and right size.

Feeling bored while having your meals in the dining rooms with four walls surrounding you? Worry not; our product is going to bring your garden into your eyes. By changing one of your walls into an entirely folding door, your mood will surely be lightened up while you are enjoying your meal time. Furthermore, if you wish to bring a breath of freshness into the way of dining, you can always install a folding door to link your kitchen to the patio, balcony and even the garden. You can now enjoy cozy breakfast on the patio, luxurious high tea experience at the balcony and romantic dinner at the garden that you have been dreaming about. Luxury can come as easy as this when you care more about the interior design of your house.

So, why choose the good ones when you can have the best ones? Let our AlzoFold folding doors be the change of the interior design of your house. A better living and a quality life starts from little details that bring you a big difference.