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FinoSlide Sliding Door

FinoSlide Sliding Door is designed and manufactured carefully to present doors with high functionality and quality. For your assurance, our FinoSlide Sliding Doors are made from premium grade aluminium, which provides strength, security, durability, minimal maintenance and they are easier to operate. Hence, our doors are not suitable for bathroom or toilet door but more suitable as an exterior door that links to outside patio, balcony, garden or swimming pool deck. So, what are the benefits of our aluminium sliding doors that make us different?

Our chic, modern and minimalist design is definitely your home exclusive. FinoSlide Sliding Doors offer a unique solution that meets the individual requirements of style, function, colour and technology – while at the same time, offers a spacious opening. Our sliding door can be moved to one side as required, leaving 50% of the passage area. One of the problems we often faced with sliding doors is that they are so hard to run on their rollers and the screeching sounds they produce. Worry not. Unlike any ordinary system, our door leaves come with fine combs of wool hair attached to the door frame and slide on the anti-corrosion track with almost no sound when the door leaf slides on the track. Rails are safely towed at the top and bottom, giving you smooth operation so you can open and close the door with ease.

Besides, FinoSlide Sliding Doors offer a wide range of interior applications. A single door leaf can be simply pushed to one side. It operates quickly and takes up no space. This design ensures that two spaces can be connected seamlessly to create a spacious area. In term of usage, the sliding door is undoubtedly convenient for space division and utilization of the living room. Your exterior spaces will link into the interior without any type of division. In term of outlook, a transparent sliding door can be installed at the balcony to enjoy the sun and the scenery. Thanks to the extremely high stability of the aluminium material, the sliding door offers a slim profile and a large glass design for maximum permeability and light. In today’s advocacy of nature, sliding doors create a transparent, bright interior that is perfectly connected to the nature and can definitely enlighten your living area.

In general, the aluminium sliding door is very light in weight, easy to handle, and it provides excellent thermal insulation. FinoSlide Sliding Doors improve your living comfort, the quality of your life while tapping into enormous energy savings potential. A small detail that makes your life better.

FinoSlide sliding door is unlike any ordinary system. It comes with fine combs of wool hair attached to the frame gaps for sound insulation and enhanced with accessories and rollers (custom made for WE Window), giving you that graceful & smooth motion, so you can open and close with great ease and comfort. No more pushing and pulling with frustration or awful screeching sounds just to get in and out.
Available in: Round edge (FinoSlide r) or Square edge (FinoSlide s).


• Powder coated finish to 2 mm thick aluminium.
• Available in your choice of powder coated colour or wood grain finish.
• A selection of glass available.
• Neoprene Gasket seal on inside face only.
• Optional lattice design or full glass.

Quality Aluminum diet cast 2 point D handle

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