WE Casement Window with Double Glazed

WE Casement Window with Double Glazed

If you live or work in an area where noise is apparent especially in the city, or you find that the hot weather is getting to you, WE Casement Window will be your next must have window system.

WE Casement Window’s double-glazed technology enables you to enjoy the peace and comfort of your own zone without any distraction to you or to your fellow neighbours, giving you that ultimate sound insulation and ensuring maximum heat prevention at the same time. Perfect for any meeting rooms, entertainment rooms such as Audio, TV & Karaoke rooms and even the gym. The new and improved model comes with the mullion attached to the window panel.


• Powder coated finish to 1.6 mm thick aluminium.
• Available in your choice of powder coated colour or wood grain finish.
• Double glazed glass panel.
• Neoprene Gasket seal on inside face only.
• Optional lattice design or full glass.

Inner frame detail.

Outer frame detail.

Glass detail.