Top Hung Window

Top Hung Window

A casement window is a window that opens on a hinge, similar to a door. Top hung window is almost similar to a casement window, except it is just a casement window being rotated 90 degrees where the hinge is on the top of the outer frame, so that it opens out from the bottom. Usually operated with a handle at the bottom, top hung windows stay hinged on the top while allowing the bottom to swing outwards. Top hung window is also known as awning window because when it is opened, they create an awning effect.

Top hung windows are the most common and popular window designs. Nowadays, it has come to sight that more people are installing top hung windows in their property for their aesthetic and functionality. This is due to their elegant look with a pleasant slim-line and discreet architectural appearance.. Top hung windows are also quite useful for home and commercial buildings. They are the best choice for places in connection with a high wall as they are usually installed at higher places. Their feature of opening from the bottom makes them ideal in situation where the furniture or height of the window prevents easy access to the window. Hence, top hung windows are widely used in confined spaces such as kitchen, staircase, bathroom areas, store, walk in closet to increase the brightness and facilitate ventilation.

Top hung windows are the choice for you if you prefer to have a full and open sky view which welcomes abundant of sunlight and fresh air. The advantages of top hung windows / awning windows are they provide enough natural light into your property. They are ideal for all climates as they are tough protector of rain and wind to ensure your property is ventilated but weatherproof. They also allow little to no leakage from rain when open so you can enjoy fresh air even the weather is bad. They can also act as a barrier against dust and pollution. Besides, these windows are also versatile as they can be combined with other window types according to the needs and styles of the consumer. However, due to the fact that top hung windows are usually installed higher in the walls, they may not perform well as for emergency escape.

With an increasing awareness of installing energy efficient windows and doors at home and property, top hung / awning windows have been improvised in a way to suit customers’ demands in terms of  sustainability and design. At Window Elements, we deliver our best in terms of our window materials and services. We make sure that the top hung windows are made from premium quality aluminium frame, durable handle and hinges. Besides providing smooth and silent operation, our aluminium top hung windows also provide protection from the bad weather while still allowing for ventilation, making them the perfect windows for your choice.

Besides, the glasses used in our top hung windows are of the highest quality. They have high impact resistance as they are tested extensively under a variety of tests to ensure that they are strong and unbreakable in all circumstances. The air tight lock system ensures that there is no water leakage while also enhances the  security, durability, thermal and sound insulation of the top hung windows. On the other hand, top hung windows also increased energy efficiency and ventilation as they allow much more light to flow into your home and fresh air when you open them, keeping a comfortable temperature in your property.

Window Elements also presents a range of top hung windows to suite different customers’ needs and styles. Available in wide varieties of sizes and range of finishes, these windows give you a choice of control in the amount of ventilation or wind to come into your room. Top hung/ awning windows can be placed higher in walls to provide natural light and ventilation without compromising privacy. The high placement of the window also allows for maximising wall space for design aspects such as arts and furniture placement. So, why not consider top hung window in your property as it is a creation when practicality meets simplicity.


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