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One of our projects was situated at Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur. This residential building is an artistically designed structure surrounded by nature itself. The bungalow features a porch, a standard pool, a kid’s pool and a massive yard to have family time. On the highest floor and the sides of this architectural structure, you would find open space terraces, essentially designed for the owner to relax and recharge. This could be the premier destination of comfort and relaxation that we all dream about.

Curtain Glass Wall

The architectural design of the building gravitated towards a clean contemporary look with modern elements. Looking at the exterior of the building, the fabrication and installation of different kinds of aluminium doors and windows complement the white walls and the wood flooring but create a contrast with the outdoor lush greenery. A touch of hardwood and grey stone walls help to separate spaces and elevate the aesthetic of the entire building, making it one of its kind.

The interior design of the building is elegant and sleek. Every inch of space was conceived and designed with specific purpose to create a spacious, resilient and low maintenance home. For security and convenience, the house installed several aluminium swing doors and casement windows. The windows are also protected with crime safe security mesh throughout the building.

Aluminum Window

Taking up a corner of the house, the dining area has the best views in the house as it has the advantage of the view of the bright green yard and the spectacular pool. With the walls down, several aluminium sliding doors were installed to make the indoor-outdoor connection more seamless and ease the transition from home to yard. These two areas now enjoy more connectivity and will be the perfect place for chit-chatting, relaxing while enjoying a delightful meal and even become the entertaining space for its residents and their guests.

Aluminum Door

The sliding doors are expertly engineered and are easy to operate. When opened, they help to make the room more spacious and illuminate the area with plenty of sunlight. Besides, the aluminium sliding doors also allow good ventilation and breeze in the interior. This is definitely an alternative to reduce the energy consumption of your house especially during hot days. The deluxe lockset of the sliding doors are also professionally tested to ensure the safety of your home.

Private Villa House

Furthermore, the architectural design of this residential building highlights the importance of light. The custom array of fixed glass windows, louvre windows, casement windows and top hung windows were installed to create a more open, airy and light-filled home. These windows are great light sources as sunlight can penetrate the building from each and every corner of the building. Take the reading room for instance, a row of sofas were placed next to the top hung windows to turn them into charming window seats. The top hung windows flood the room with plenty of sunlight and wind. With the breathtaking outdoor views and a cup of coffee, this will become your favourite spot of the house to relax and chill.

Aluminium Doors & Windows

Another example is the master bathroom. With the installation of the large piece of fixed glass window paired with casement windows, the panoramic view is immediately available inside this large bathroom. On the other hand, the energy efficient louvre windows are also smooth and easy to operate. They let plenty of sunlight into the common areas while still give you a sense of privacy

Aluminum Lourve

However, these aesthetically appealing windows do not comprise the security feature. All the windows in the building were installed with the security mesh system to provide safety and security. They are security proven crime safe windows made from high tensile stainless steel wire mesh which are highly resistant to incursions and burglaries. The security mesh also helps to keep out insects and reduce noise.

In conclusion, with the help of Window Elements’ aluminium windows and doors, we turn the cold four walls into home, a place where you feel secure and safe. Our windows and doors also require minimal maintenance as they are engineered towards perfection to ensure consistent alignment even after years. So, if you want to upgrade your house, invest in a quality door and window system as this will definitely transform your house and turn your vision into reality.

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