Swing Door

Introduction to Swing Door

Undoubtedly, doors are the major components of a house. As objects that we use every day, although they might be seen as minor elements, they add architectural detail and style to a house. Despite creating seamless connections between rooms in your house, a well-chosen door that is practical, beautiful and secure can bring major style points to your home and complement your interior design. If you are looking for high quality all-glass swing door, WE 54 swing door is the standard door type that is designed to fit your home’s style and budget.

Swing door refers to a door with hinges installed on the side of the door and can be opened inward or outward or sometimes, both ways. It consists of door frame, hinge, door leaf, lock and so on. Swing doors can be made of different materials such as wood, aluminium, metal, glass, etc. Unlike sliding door, swing door does not have a wide opening area and it will occupy door space for the opening of the door. Hence, when choosing a swing door for your house, it is wise to consider its material, design, practicality and security.

Advantages of Swing Door

Safety and security

Low Maintenance


Maximising Natural Light

More Air Inflow

Modern Contemporary Looks

WE 54 (Swing Door)


A stylish aluminium swing door that comes in your choice of powder coated or wood grain finishing to match any of your interior designs. It can be custom made to your liking into any size or thickness, making it an essential part of every home and office

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Arxtech security mesh swing doors

ForteMesh Swing Door


The ArxTech Swing Door System features a series of stylish aluminium swing doors that come in your choice of finishing material to suits your personality and optimum security by using a 6-point locking system that secures both the top and bottom of the door panel.

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