Folding Door

Introduction to Folding Door

Out from a variety of door designs, folding door is another type of door that is commonly used in interior design and has gained more popularity these days due to its modern features, versatility and functionality. Well, some may still ask, “What are folding doors and what is the difference of them between swing doors and sliding doors?”

A folding door, also known as bi-fold door or concertina door was inspired by a musical instrument named concertina due to its features that are similar to the musical instrument. This type of door consists of multiple panels or sections that can be opened and folded either internally or externally. When you open the door, each panel will fold back and stack upon each other. It can also be moved to a side which allows you more space. Hence, these unique features mark a huge difference from the traditional French door and sliding door.

In modern home design, folding doors are most commonly seen and widely used as internal or external room dividers. Folding door acts as a divider between two rooms or between a room and an outdoor space. Without a doubt, folding door serves as a great choice and solution to those who need more space. While traditional swing doors and sliding doors can only be opened to a certain extent, folding doors which applied folding technology, can be easily folded and extended so that the opening space can reach the maximum limit. Compared to swing doors and sliding doors, folding doors allow larger entrance way and easier transition between two rooms. Folding doors can effectively save space, add convenience and comfort to life.

On the other hand, as opposed to most conventional doors which are limited to certain widths and sizes, most folding doors can be adapted to different space requirements and room layouts. They can be custom-made according to where they are used, up to several meters in width, making them more accessible and practical.

Although folding doors have many advantages, you have to keep in mind that when you are thinking about specifying and installing a folding door in your home, you are essentially looking to replace a large section of your wall with glass. If the doors are of poor quality, you are taking the risk of having rainwater into your home because they are insufficiently air and watertight. That will compromise the efficiency of your property. Poor quality doors will get wear and tear quickly, affect the performance and operation of the door and even damage the doors permanently. So, it is important to do your research beforehand to ensure only high quality components are used when you are selecting your doors.

Advantages of Folding Door

Safety and security

Low Maintenance


Maximising Natural Light

More Air Inflow

Modern Contemporary Looks

House with aluminium folding door

AlzoFold (Folding Door)


AlzoFold folding door system is able to transform any interior into a totally different view, while offering home owners flexible access and optimum security by using a 2-point locking system that secures both top and bottom of the door panel.

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Arxtech Premium Security Aluminium Folding Door

ForteMesh Folding Door


If you are looking to transform your interior into a totally different style, the ForteMesh Folding Door System is the magic wand you need. The system offers you a convenient and flexible access, in addition to providing optimum security by using a 6-point locking system that secures both the top and bottom of the door panel.

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