Casement Window (Security Mesh)

a girl sitting next to Arxtech security mesh casement window


The ForteMesh Casement Window system is one of the most flexible systems available today. Through meticulous research and testing, ForteMesh offers a window system with high levels of thermal performance and a multi-point interlocking system that is able to withstand high levels of daily use and abuse (i.e. pushing and pulling forces).

ForteMesh Casement Windows feature a clean line design with square-edged inner frames adjacent to the outer frame, along with concealed hinges.

The design of its support frame is such that it will provide an ideal view from the inside when the window is opened.


• Virtually see-through.
• 2mm (1mm + 1mm) thickness High Tensile Stainless Steel Wire joined together through a mechanical and chemical bonding process.
• High quality Concealed Hinges and Premium Quality Aluminum Die Casting Multipoint Handle.
• Powder-coated finish on 1.6mm- to 2.0mm-thick aluminium.
• Aluminium window frame available in your choice of powder coated colour or wood grain finish.

Premium Quality Aluminum Die Casting Multipoint Handle

High quality Concealed Hinges

Full set of Casement Windows and Security Screens with high quality finishing

Separate Casement Window and Security Screen with poor quality finishing

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Security Mesh Window | Window Elements

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Casement window with security mesh open inward & casement window with glass open outward.