2 Panel Sliding Door

FinoSlide Two Panel Sliding Door

A sliding door is a door that can be opened by sliding the door leaves back and forth. Sliding doors usually consist of two door leaves that are fitted to runners and a track so that they can slide sideways to open smoothly. When open, one glass panel will glide on a track and stack on another glass panel. Similar to a sliding door, 2 panel sliding doors consist of two door leaves but it does more than the conventional sliding door. Unlike common sliding door that can only open one side, 2 panel sliding doors can be opened both ways. This type of door is commonly used in closets, however, it has gained popularity these days and become one of the architectural design elements due to its versatility, functionality and aesthetic.

2 panel sliding doors are real space savers. Unlike traditional swing doors, sliding doors don’t take up much space for the door to swing inward or outward, all it takes is just a little floor space to install the track. However, bear in mind that 2 panel sliding doors may not be suitable for all small spaces as they require enough wall space. When opened, the moving door panel will slide in front of the other door panel, resulting in half the entrance way being blocked. However, sliding doors are still functional for space maximization and allowing a large entrance space.

2 panel sliding doors have the same advantages as the sliding doors. Installation of 2 panel sliding doors can help to divide spaces and rooms. It gives you a more flexible space. When the door is opened, it transforms a room into a larger open-plan space, blurring the boundaries of indoor and outdoor and easing movement. When it is closed, it gives you privacy while still allows plenty of sunlight into the room, keeping your room bright and warm all year long. Moreover, these 2 panel sliding doors are real showstopper and are easily mistaken as floor-to-ceiling window as the large piece of glass open dramatically to the panoramic view and breeze. Hence, they are phenomenal for large areas such as patios, sunroom, swimming pool enclosures, etc.

In general, WeWindow 2 panel sliding door is a wise choice for architectural design. Window Elements’ 2 panel sliding doors are designed and manufactured carefully to ensure their functionality and quality. Premium grade aluminium profile provides strength while high quality glass ensures your security. Fine combs of wool that are attached to the door panels to slide smoothly on the track with no squeaking sounds. It is also light, easy to maintain and provide high thermal insulation. If you want to upgrade your door, WeWindow 2 panel sliding door is definitely a great solution that can meet the requirements of style, function and technology.

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2 Panel Sliding Door