Adjustable Louvre Glass Blades

A louvre window is also known as a jalousie window. This window consists of parallel glass blades that are fixed to a track, glass clips and the window frame. Several glass blades can be opened, closed or adjusted to different angles in unison by a lever or handle to control the air flow and light transmission. Generally, louvre windows are commonly used in residential areas, schools, entertainment venues, offices, etc. At home, louvre windows can be installed in several areas that require good ventilation such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and so on.

There are many materials used for louvre windows. Supplied by Breezway – the pioneer of louvre windows which is at the forefront of louvre window technology and design, Window Elements’ louvre window consists of glass blades and aluminium window frame. Unlike the stereotypical old, rusty and leaky louvres, these two materials are beautiful and elegant. They reflect simplicity and are very suitable for modern design. Besides, these two materials have high anti-rusting performance to ensure your louvre windows will be durable for a long period of time. The glass clips are also fit snugly to the glass blades so that each louvre blade is sturdy and easy to clean.

Installing a louvre window with adjustable louvre blades has the following benefits:

1. The louvre blades are fixed on the frame by the glass clips. Hence, the installation of louvre window is simple and convenient.

2. Installing louvre window with adjustable louvre blades is an energy efficient way to control natural light and fresh air into your home. The angle of the louvre blades can be adjusted into various angles effortlessly through the handle and the operating mechanism to create natural air flow throughout the house and control the amount of air into your room to meet different ventilation requirements and flexibly improve the indoor air circulation. When compared to other window types such as awning windows and sliding windows, louvre windows have greater cooling effect because they have a larger opening area to allow air to flow into the room.

3. One of the concerns when installing louvre window is the sealing performance. The poor seal of the louvre blades can cause leaks and draughts. Breezeway Altair louvre blades ensures tight sealing performance due to the patented ‘living hinge’ and drainage channel design. They are also designed specifically to suit Asia’s weather and climate. On cold windy days, the superior design of the louvre blades provides tight sealing so you can stay comfortably warm without the worry of cold wind, leakage of rain water or rattling louvre blades. On hot summer days, the louvre blades seal tight so the cool air stays in. Hence, installing louvre windows with adjustable blades will improve the cooling effects of your home by reducing heat gain while not compromising the outdoor views.

4. Our louvre windows are also easy to customize and provide optimal space utilization. Each window is made to order and you have options in terms of design, blade selection, colours and security screening to make sure you achieve the best outcomes for energy efficiency and most importantly comfort for you and your family. Louvre windows range from different sizes so you can customize them to your needs. For example, you can pair tall narrow louvre windows next to picture windows to provide a good view while maintaining the air flow in your home. Of course, you can add security screening to your louvre blades in order to retain privacy.

5. The louvre blades are beautiful in appearance, low cost, easy to install, easy to clean and at the same time highly decorative. The glass blades can be customized in a variety of colours to complement your interior design.  To conclude, louvre windows help to maintain proper ventilation at all time, welcome fresh air and seal tightly. They are energy efficient options to keep your environment comfortable and safe. Supplied by the most trusted brand, Window Elements louvre windows are designed specifically and professionally to provide the highest satisfaction and performance. Everything can be customized based on your needs and styles.

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