Casement Window + Breezway Louvre System

a girl sitting next to a casement window with adjustable louvre

Casement Window with adjustable louvre

Undeniably, louvre windows are still a favourite to many as it offers that sleek and evergreen look apart from its functional versatility. We uses louvre windows by Breezway Australia who has already built its own reputation and well known for its quality in manufacturing, customisable designs and energy efficiency. It also comes as a 2-way window system with both adjustable louvres and casement window. Ideal for houses, commercial and industrial buildings which require maximum ventilation throughout the premises hence, maintaining a cooled and fresh environment always.

Products Highlight


• Also available in: 2-way system with adjustable louvres and casement window.
• Depth size of 102 mm & 152 mm.
• Louvre blades are available in glass or aluminium with powder coated colour or wood grain finish.


• Manufactured exclusively from non-corrosive materials.
• Each window is made to order, allowing the widest choice of customising options.
• Wide range of colours to which clips and handles can be matched.
• Cyclone rated for wind and water to ensure maximum performance.
• Tight sealing due to the patented ‘living hinge’ and drainage channel design.
• The only energy rated louvre window.
• Clips that fit snugly together for easy cleaning.
• Optional insect or security screens.

i. Adjustment handle.

ii. Louvre blades available in aluminum or glass blades.