French Window

Introduction to French Window

When you’ve got a lush greenery view or a great landscape, walling off a room will be a waste. Here, installing French windows is a good solution in preserving a beautiful vantage and giving any room an airy openness.

Originated from France, French windows are full-length windows with large glass panes. Their signature is that they can be both window and door, typically can be opened to link to the patio, garden or balcony. It was found that mixing a window and a door not only brought more light into a dark and gloomy home, but they are also an elegant and beautiful addition to a modest home. Now, French windows are used widely and styled to suite all sorts of design ranging from rustic, modern and beyond.

Some people may also call them as French casement windows as they consist of two casement windows side by side that open out from the centre and do not have a vertical post between the windows. With French casement windows, simply push to open both windows at the same time and enjoy a clean view.

In our definition, windows that are basically full-length until the floor finishing or the height of the window from the floor is not more than 450 mm will be considered as French windows. French windows are different from swing doors as French windows usually come in two hinged glass panels that can be opened together. They are also different from sliding doors as they do not have a sliding mechanism and generally open inwards or outwards.

Usually this type of French windows are applied at areas that are linked to the small balcony or small garden. They look like doors but they serve little function as doors by most users. The main purposes of French windows are to provide a good view and aesthetic design. They offer great advantages for small homes as you can make full use of the opening space rather than losing half of that space with sliding doors.

Products Highlight

If you are looking for a window that has a dramatic impact on a home, French window is a great fit into your home. French window is a 2 panels full length window which opens from the centre and serves as a window and a door. Although traditionally French windows are mostly made from woods, at Window Element, our windows are made from premium quality aluminium frame with multipoint locks. They are security-tested to ensure your safety and prevent unwanted strangers from breaking into your property.

French windows have added functionality as it can be opened like a door. It allows you a better access to your exterior and moving bigger things in and out from your home. With bigger opening, you get to enjoy fresh air, lush views, increased natural light and warmth which also has a great impact on your wellbeing, happiness and satisfaction with your home.

Besides, the floor-to-ceiling French window acts as a focal point of your room and it gives an open feel to a room. Undoubtedly, French windows allow much more light to flow into your home than the traditional window type. They connect interior and exterior to extent your view and make your outdoor view a part of your everyday experience. By bringing in more natural light, they warm the interior and lives of a home.

On the other hand, French windows are also more energy efficient as compared to other window types. Having large glass panes and thin frames, French windows are generally larger than traditional windows and they allow much more light to flow into your home. French windows can be sealed tightly when they are not in use to provide high level of heat insulation and noise reduction. However, French windows also allow good ventilation when you open them, keeping a comfortable temperature in your property which ultimately reduce your energy bills for fan and air-conditioning.

In general, French windows have benefits in providing natural light, better access to outdoor and astonishing aesthetics. Choose WE, as we provide low-maintenance, durable, secure and energy-efficient French windows that not only satisfy your needs and styles but also perform on par or beyond your expectation.