WE Swing & Slide Door (Pivot Door)

Bungalow with Aluminium Swing & Slide Door open

WE Swing & Slide Door (Pivot Door)

The idea of a perfect living space has evolved so dramatically over the years. Apart from beautiful decorations and a lovely exterior, there is also a need to maximize the space of the interior that is both functional and flexible at the same time. WE Swing & Slide Door is the ultimate door & partition system for any household or commercial building with its multi-directional feature (pivot and slide function) that not only allows your space to be maximized but also giving you the flexibility of partitioning your space into any form or shape. The door panels come with concealed rollers and sleek designed frames, perfect for any interior.

Maintenance will be so easy now with the swing and slide function; no hidden corners and hard-to-reach spots, giving you maximum convenience and comfort of your home or work premises.


• Powder coated finish from 2 – 3 mm thick aluminium.
• Available in your choice of powder coated colour & wood grain finish.
• A selection of glass is available.
• Neoprene Gasket seal on inside face only.
• Optional lattice design or full glass.

Aluminium swing and slide door closed
Aluminium swing and slide door opened

Premium Quality Aluminum Die Casting Multipoint Handle

Aluminium swing and slide door push to left

Push to left.

Aluminium swing and slide door centre swivel

Centre swivel.

Aluminium swing and slide door push to right

Push to right.

Round edge Inside view.

Round edge Outside view.