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CLAROFLEX® Pivot Frameless Glass Door System

CLAROFLEX® frameless system, a practical alternative to conventional balcony glazing and standard glass curtain systems.

CLAROFLEX® system works by panels sliding over the tracks without complex bearings making it the most reliable on the market.

All the materials and components used by CLAROFLEX® are equivalent to the leading UPVC & Aluminum brands in the market, fulfilling all quality and security requirements and standards.

CLAROFLEX® produce a reliable system based on an exquisite simplicity.

CLAROFLEX® manufacturing is fast and simple, allowing clients to accomplish high quality installations shown in a variety of different projects, in terraces, porches and hotel industry.


The frameless glazing system CLAROFLEX® PIVOT is the best alternative to conventional balcony glazing systems.

Maintenance is minimal due to the design of the system and the use of high quality materials. This results in a better reliability and security.

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