Claroflex® Pivot Frameless Glass Door System

Claroflex® Pivot Frameless Glass Door System


European Hi-Tech

Our products fulfill the most demanding quality standards


Perfect for light structures

Our systems are bottom weighted


Maximum Comfort

Transform your outside spaces into inside ones, just by reducing noise and thermal fluctuations


Protection against rain and wind

Our systems also avoid dust getting into the covered space



All CLAROFLEX® products have 5 years warranty


Increase the net usable area

You can add more net usable area without increasing the built area


Minimal maintenance

No need for annual high cost maintenance.


Fixing screws for glass not needed

Higher reliability and lower cost because there is no need for special screws or drills in the glass.

The frameless glazing system CLAROFLEX® PIVOT is the best alternative to conventional balcony glazing systems.

Maintenance is minimal due to the design of the system and the use of high quality materials. This results in a better reliability and security.


The frameless glazing system CLAROFLEX® PIVOT 360°

Products Highlight


  • Operation without bearings: The panels move over a special sliding surface.
  • Opening options: Inside or outside opening from both sides is possible, depending on your needs. Top and bottom door locks. Air circulation position.
  • Colours: Anodized, powder coating or wood-like finishes.
  • Glass: Laminated or tempered glass. 10 mm.
  • Corners: Panels can pass through corners between 90o and 270o.
  • High resistant components. As per the saline mist tests ISO 9227, ASTM B117and DIN 50021. More than 750 hours in the test chambers.
  • Components. Made of different kinds of plastics and metal alloys: stainless steel, aluminium, zamak.

Technical Features

Maximum Dimensions

  • Recommended width: 650 mm.
  • Panel width: 800 mm.
  • Door width: 1000 mm.
  • Maximum height: 3200 mm.
  • Maximum panels per opening: 16*.

Claroflex® Pivot Features

1. Maximum system height:


2. Panel width:


Claroflex® 8 Types of Pivot Frameless Door Configurations

Type 1 : One side opening: left or right.
The maximum number of panels that can be stacked on a single side is 18.

Type 2 : Two sides opening: both right and left.

Type 3 : Outside opening. Top and bottom locks can be installed inside or outside.

Type 4 : Fixed frameless door with hydraulic hinge. The rest of the panels are stacked on the other side.

Type 5 : System with corners. All the panels move through the corners and are stacked on one side.

Type 6 : System with 90° corners. All the panels move through the corners and are stacked on one side.

Type 7 : System with corners larger than 90°. All the panels move through the corners and are stacked on one side.

Type 8 : Fixed door with floor spring and top frame. The rest of the panels are stacked on the other side.

Video Highlight

CLAROFLEX® Pivot Frameless Glass Door System | Window Elements

For DC02 (Full Vision):

Class 3 air permeability means that the amount of air that could pass through the Pivot system (tested on the overall area of the test specimen and the air permeability related to the length of the opening joints) was satisfactory up to a maximum pressure of 600 Pa (equivalent to 113,79 Km/h winds).

Class 2A watertightness means that the Pivot system successfully withstood a constant water spray with a pressure of 50 Pa (32,83 Km/h) for 20 minutes.

Class A1 resistance to wind loads means that the Pivot System withstood various pressures for 50 cycles. P1 400Pa P2 200Pa (50 cycles with the equivalent of 65,7km/h winds) P3 600Pa=61,183kgf/m2 (V=113,89km/h).

As well as this, the system could withstand gusts of up to 236 Km/h (2600Pa) without incidents.