Casement Window

Introduction to Casement Window

An entry can be so much more than a door. Windows serve an important part in the architecture design as they bring light and views on the front, back or side of your home. Windows don’t have to be big to make a great impression. WeWindow Casement Window and WE 142 Casement Window proofs this statement. It is the perfect model for minimalist.

What is a casement window? A casement window is a type of window where the window frame is hinged to the sash in order for it to swing open inward or outward. The characteristics of a casement window are: simple structure, flexible opening, easy cleaning and good sealing performance when closed. Its evolving designs, minimalist appeal and simple operation systems contribute it being the most widely used window type in architectural designs.

Casement windows are widely used in urban and commercial buildings, office buildings, high-end residential buildings, villas and condominiums and there are adaptable to almost every architectural style. The disadvantage is that the window width is small and the field of view is not as wide as compared to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

There are two types of opening for casement windows – inward opening and outward opening. Both have their own pros and cons. For the inner opening type of window, cleaning is convenient while the outer opening type does not occupy space when opened. On the other hand, the inner opening window will occupy part of the room and it is not convenient to open when there is a curtain whereas opening of the outer window will occupy the space outside the wall and it is easy to be damaged by strong wind. If the quality of the casement window is not good, rain water may seep through and causes damage to your window and property.

Casement Window Products Highlight

Casement window is perfect for minimalist. It has a clean-cut design with square edged inner frames adjacent to the outer frame (flat surface), suitable for all building types and designs. The concealed hinges, multipoint locks and water drainage channel of the casement window are designed in a way that maximises its sealing performance, air ventilation, noise reduction ability and energy efficiency level.

Our casement window comes in a range of glass, powder coated colour and wood grain finish for your selection. Hence, there is no need to compromise your styles. WE Casement Windows are not only strong and durable, they are also made to enhance the architectural appeal of your property.

Advantages of Casement Window

Safety and security

Low Maintenance


Maximising Natural Light

More Air Inflow

Modern Contemporary Looks

Optima29 Casement Window

WeWindow (Casement Window)


The perfect model for the perfect minimalist. WeWindow Casement Window is a clean-cut design with square edged inner frames adjacent to the outer frame (flat surface), concealed hinges and water drainage channel.

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Optima38 Casement Window

WE 142 (Casement Window)


With its dramatically wide and deep frame, WE 142 is designed to create that grand entrance or feature window display that stands as a statement on its own.

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a girl sitting next to Arxtech security mesh casement window

ForteMesh Casement Window


The ForteMesh Casement Window system is one of the most flexible systems available today. Through meticulous research and testing, ArxTech offers a window system with high levels of thermal performance and a 6-point interlocking system that is able to withstand high levels of daily use and abuse (i.e. pushing and pulling forces).

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