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An entry can be so much more than a door. Windows serve an important part in the architecture design as they bring light and views on the front, back or side of your home. Windows don’t have to be big to make a great impression. WeWindow Casement Window proofs this statement. It is the perfect model for minimalist.

What is a casement window? A casement window is a type of window where the window frame is hinged to the sash in order for it to swing open inward or outward. The characteristics of a casement window are: simple structure, flexible opening, easy cleaning and good sealing performance when closed. Its evolving designs, minimalist appeal and simple operation systems contribute it being the most widely used window type in architectural designs. Casement windows are widely used in urban and commercial buildings, office buildings, high-end residential buildings, villas and condominiums and there are adaptable to almost every architectural style. The disadvantage is that the window width is small and the field of view is not as wide as compared to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

There are two types of opening for casement windows – inward opening and outward opening. Both have their own pros and cons. For the inner opening type of window, cleaning is convenient while the outer opening type does not occupy space when opened. On the other hand, the inner opening window will occupy part of the room and it is not convenient to open when there is a curtain whereas opening of the outer window will occupy the space outside the wall and it is easy to be damaged by strong wind. If the quality of the casement window is not good, rain water may seep through and causes damage to your window and property.

WeWindow Casement Window is the solution to the problems mentioned above. WeWindow Casement Window is a clean-cut design with square edged inner frames adjacent to the outer frame, concealed hinges and water drainage channel. The hinge is mounted on the side of the sash and connected to the window frame. The mullion (the vertical bar between the window panes) is attached to the window panel, giving you the perfect view from inside out when opened. This is a definite classic show of ‘Less is More’.

In general, WeWindow Casement Window has the advantages of good ventilation, good sealing performance, excellent sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. The casement windows allow natural light to brighten up your room, making your home more energy-efficient. They are also tightly sealed and have no gaps between the windowpanes to provide high levels of insulation, waterproof and noise reduction and keeping air from filtering in around the sashes. They help to keep a comfortable temperature inside your property while costing minimum energy. This ultimately reduces your energy bills and they are cost-effective in the long run.

Besides, our casement windows have high impact resistance and insect protection, keeping your property secure 24 hours a day and all year long. Our security windows are tested extensively under a variety of aggressive circumstances to make sure that we achieve or even exceed the standards. They have been proved to be more effective than plywood. The glasses of the casement windows are strong and unbreakable. They cannot be gouged with a sharp object like a crowbar, hammer or even being shot by bullets, making it very hard for anyone to break in. The opening of the window can also be controlled to a fixed width to prevent your children from falling over or other accidents from happening.

Last but not least, you don’t have to settle for a poor design too. Other than the security benefits, WeWindow Casement Window also comes in an array of styles, shapes and sizes. There is also a selection of glasses, powder coated colour and wood grain finish. Customization services are provided to stay in line with property owners’ aesthetic and needs. WeWindow Casement Window is definitely your choice if you are looking for a window that has high quality, durability, security and good looking. It is also a favourite among the modern, minimalistic architects and interior designers. Choose WeWindow Casement Window as we aware of the small details that make a great difference in your life.


• Powder coated finish to 1.6 mm thick aluminium.
• Available in your choice of powder coated colour or wood grain finish.
• A selection of glass available.
• Neoprene Gasket seal on inside face only.
• We-CH-090 custom designed concealed hinges.
• Optional lattice design or full glass.

Mullion Less Design Profile

Premium Quality Aluminium Die Casting Multipoint Handle

Multipoint Locking System

Concealed Hinges
For aesthetic appearances and optimum security

Flushed & Flat
Neat, flawless and elegant finish for a minimalistic appearance

Gasket – PVC/Santoprene
Designed to prevent seepage of rain and noise

Inside view.

Middle frame.

Outside view.

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Casement window perfect for minimalist. It has a clean-cut design with square edged inner frames adjacent to the outer frame (flat surface), concealed hinges, multipoint locking and water drainage channel.