Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors for Your Home

Sliding door refers to a door that is fitted to runners and it moves on a fixed track to ensure smooth operation. Sliding door usually consists of two door leaves and it can be opened by sliding the door leaf back and forth. Unlike traditional swing doors, sliding doors don’t take up much space for the door to swing open but compared to folding doors, sliding doors have limitation in providing a smaller entrance way as only one of the door leaves can be moved at a time. When opened, the moving door leaf will slide in front of the stationary door leaf, resulting in half the entrance way being blocked. However, sliding doors still gain popularity these days due to their amazing characteristics. So what are the benefits of aluminium sliding doors for your home? Let’s find out

1. Maximise space
Due to the limitation of home space, we will try to adopt a space-saving design when decorating our house. Aluminium sliding door, a simple and fashionable furniture, is often sought after by people for space maximization. The installation of the aluminium sliding door is relatively flexible as it does not take up much space. With a simple push-pull action, two spaces can be separated or joined at any time according to the usage to maximize your space effortlessly. Hence, in architectural design, aluminium sliding doors are commonly being used as bathroom door or kitchen door. Besides, sliding doors are also frequently used as exterior doors such as villa doors, patio doors, living room doors, balcony doors, store doors, studio doors, garage doors and so on.

2. Durability and low maintenance
The materials of sliding doors range from traditional wooden materials to glass and aluminium materials. A bad selection of sliding doors will lead to certain problems such as broken rollers, worn track with screeching sound, difficulty to slide, faulty locking mechanism and so on. So, it is wise to invest on a high quality sliding door. Wooden sliding doors that are too thin will appear to be frivolous and unstable when pushed and pulled. After a period of usage, they are easily warped and deformed which affects the operation of the doors. On the other hand, aluminium is the material to look for when choosing a sliding door as it is more durable and it requires minimal maintenance. Aluminium sliding doors are not affected by the factors such as rusting, fading and rotting. With these features, aluminium sliding doors are effective to withstand various natural environments while still deliver an astonishing performance for a long period of time.

3. Heat insulation and noise reduction
Window Elements Optima 68 Aluminium Sliding Door can be tightly sealed and there are no gaps between the door panels. Our aluminium doors also use high quality glass which provide good heat insulation and excellent sound proof effect. When the weather is relatively hot, a door can play a certain role in heat insulation. Instead of switching on the air conditioner, aluminium sliding door can better ensure the indoor cooling effect while not consuming much energy. Conversely, when the weather is colder, the sliding door can act as a partition to keep the interior warm. In short, aluminium sliding doors can keep your property warm in cold weather and cool in the summer, which ultimately reduce your energy bills.

4. Natural light and smooth operation
Aluminium sliding doors also have advantages in allowing natural light and providing smooth operation. Aluminium sliding doors operate quickly and take up no space as you only need to push a door leaf to one side. This design ensures that two spaces can be connected seamlessly to create a spacious area. In term of outlook, aluminium sliding door with glass can be installed at the balcony to enjoy the sun and the scenery. The large glass door also maximises permeability of sunlight. In today’s advocacy of nature, aluminium sliding doors create a transparent, bright interior that is perfectly connected to the nature and can definitely enlighten your living area with soothing natural light. In general, installing aluminium sliding doors can certainly upgrade your living space. So, why not consider one in your home?