Benefits of Aluminium Folding Doors for Your Home

Aluminium folding doors, or so called bi-fold doors, foldable doors, multifold door, collapsible door or foldable sliding doors are gaining popularity these days due to thier modern features, versatility and functionality. The folding doors are multi-folded, mainly composed of door frame, glass door leaf, transmission component, swing arm component, transmission rod and rotating device. These foldable doors are very easy to use by sliding the door to one side and take up less space, so they are very popular among consumers. However, some of us are still unsure about the benefits of aluminium folding doors. This article reveals some of the benefits of installing aluminium folding doors in your property.

1. Durable and low maintenance

The material your door is made from has a huge impact on its stability, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. When choosing the material of your bi-fold door, a great material to look for is aluminium as it provides strength, style and it’s easier to maintain. Compared to steel doors, aluminium folding doors weigh lesser and do not rust. On the other hand, wooden doors are vulnerable to acid, alkali, salt and gas erosion, which make the wooden doors fade, turn yellow, stained and rot quickly. On the contrary, aluminium folding doors are not affected by any of the above factors.

For your assurance, our Optima 88 Folding Door is made from premium grade aluminium, which provides strength, durability and low maintenance. It is suitable for use in various natural environments. Even if it is dirty, the aluminium doors can be cleaned easily with any detergent and the powder coating on the doors protects the doors from scratches and fading. Generally speaking, the effect of installing aluminium folding door is better and last longer as compared to wooden doors and steel doors.

2. Security

Security is the major consideration when choosing folding doors, bear in mind that you are replacing a large section of your wall with glass. So, it is wise to choose a product that can be trusted. Our premium quality Optima 88 Folding Door has safe and secure locking system to prevent snapping, picking, drilling and bumping to keep you safe and sound. The glass is also top-notch and difficult to break, promising a high security rating.

3. Optimal thermal performance

Thermal performance refers to how well a concrete or a structure responds to weather and temperature changes. Basically, you want to keep a comfortable temperature inside your property while costing minimum energy. In this case, aluminium folding door has its advantage as it allow natural light to brighten up your room due to its large glass sizes and slim frames. Despite allowing natural light into your property, aluminium folding doors are tightly sealed and there are no gaps between the door panels to provide high levels of insulation, waterproof and noise reduction. This keeps your property warm in cold weather and cool in summer, which ultimately reduce your energy bills.

4. Environmental friendly

Aluminium folding doors do not contain any harmful substances. Wooden doors generally require paint finishes. There are a lot of formaldehyde (a type of chemical used in building materials) and other harmful substances in paint and synthetic wood, which are harmful to health. Aluminium folding doors meet the requirements of environmental protection because they are non-toxic and free of other harmful substances. As compared to wooden doors, aluminium doors have the advantages of fire resistance and fire protection in case of fire.

5. Spacious

How do you make a tight living room more airy and spacious? The answer is bring the outdoors, indoors! When you live in a big city, it’s not always easy to unwind, but by installing folding doors, you can still create a cosy corner to relax and chill. The biggest feature of the folding door is that it is very spacious after opening. The simple push-pull or slide-and-fold action can easily play the role of separating the space and can effectively save the space occupied by the door leaves. Two spaces can be joined or separated when needed and the space in any room can be transitioned and maximized effortlessly. Your house will be your everyday staycation as the right setup can help you to rest as good as a holiday.

6. Modern Outlook

Easy upgrade like installing aluminium folding doors can definitely bring some of the hotel feeling back home. When it comes to architecture design, aluminium folding doors are stylish, modern, minimalist and they can increase the aesthetic value of your living space. Due of its light weight, easy installation and no restrictions on the venue, it is suitable for all kinds of villa doors, living room doors, balcony doors, store doors, studio doors, garage doors and so on.

To conclude, aluminium folding doors have many benefits. By choosing Optima 88 Folding Door, you don’t have to compromise on low quality doors, as our aluminium folding doors deliver reliable performance and high level of satisfaction for your use of a lifetime.