Clever Security Sliding Door Ideas for Modern Homes

Gone are the days where sliding doors are an afterthought or a last resort when a swing door is not suitable for a particular space. Thanks to new technology in door hardware and material types, consumers now have access to a wide range of premium sliding doors that are elegant, durable and high performance at the same time.

With a myriad of innovative features available, new sliding doors are more than just a functional element as they can adapt to fit different interior requirements through a selection of materials, colours and styles. If you are installing a sliding door for your outdoor-indoor spaces, security sliding doors are a wonderful choice to give you a peace of mind. Let’s have a closer look at how sliding doors with security features can help to enhance your home spaces.

Creating an Inside Out Effect

Do you have a beautiful garden or outdoor space? It would be a waste to separate them from the indoor spaces. Here is where a security sliding door can connect these two distinct spaces and create an inside out effect at home, adding a pleasing aesthetic value to your interior. You can easily slide the door panels open and transform your living space into a semi-outdoor area. However, when the weather is harsh outside or you want some privacy indoors, you have the option to close them to separate these two areas again.

It is ideal to get a sliding door with security features for safety purposes. The Arxtech sliding doors from Window Elements come with a 6-point locking system designed to ensure total security. Moreover, the doors incorporate a security mesh on the outer layer to complement the inner glass component. This effectively adds another level of security while keeping mosquitoes and bugs out as well!

Another exceptional sliding door range to consider is the Optima 68 sliding doors from Window Elements. Made from premium grade aluminium, these security sliding doors work beautifully to connect balconies, patios, yards and courtyards to your indoor spaces while protecting your home from intruders with its high performance security features.

A Solution for Tricky Semi-Outdoor Spaces

In some homes, there could be a semi-outdoor space that is left redundant and ends up as a “dead space” because homeowners do not know what to do with it. For instance, a courtyard in the middle of the house or a partially enclosed backyard.

Security sliding doors offer a simple solution to resolve these awkward areas and transform them into functional areas. The Arxtech sliding door series features a smooth-sliding set of doors that can help merge that semi-outdoor space into your indoor area. In the case of a central courtyard, this space can be turned into a focal point by enclosing it using sliding doors and skylights above. Plants can be placed here to turn it in to a semi-outdoor garden of sorts. With the addition of security mesh and safety features on Arxtech sliding doors, you can rest assured your home is always protected inside out.

Enhancing Your Balconies

Security sliding doors also complement balconies beautifully. Whether your balcony is a small space next to your bedroom, or a large space connected to an upper level living space, a sliding door works wonderfully to offer easier access while ensuring ultimate safety at the same time.

For example, you may have a large family hall upstairs that open to a balcony. You would like to convert it to a games room with a pool table. At the balcony you intend to turn it into a Zen garden-like space. Here, you can use a sliding door to divide or connect these two spaces. When you need a large room for parties or entertaining guests, you can open the door and convert the games room into a function hall.

The Optima 68 series of sliding doors are perfect for this purpose. With a slim profile and large glass designed for maximum permeability and light, these doors also come with fine combs of wool hair attached to the frame gaps for sound insulation. The doors are further enhanced with exclusive custom-made accessories and rollers to ensure graceful and smooth motion so that closing and opening them is a breeze.