How to choose aluminium windows?

Considerations when buying aluminium windows

With the increasing popularity of modern and stylist designs, aluminium windows have become one of the consumers’ favourite products out of the various window materials. Aluminium windows can completely transform the look and feel of your home. Hence, despite choosing high quality aluminium windows for your home, you also need to consider the perfect colour finishes of the aluminium window frames to match your house’s design, style and your personal preferences. Amongst the vast selection of aluminium windows, how are we going to make our choices? What are the considerations when choosing aluminium windows for our home?

How to choose aluminium windows?

1.The quality of the aluminium windows

The performance of doors and windows varies according to their scope of use, but usually the following aspects should be considered when choosing aluminium windows for your house. Firstly, the strength of the windows, which is mainly reflected by the materials of the windows. This determines whether it can withstand ultra-high pressure to avoid break-ins in order to keep your house safe and secure. Secondly, air tightness of the windows. This is mainly reflected by the structure of the windows. The inner and outer frames of the windows need to be sealed tightly to have good sound reduction ability and waterproof ability.

2. The craftsmanship

As the technical content and the degree of mechanization of doors and windows are not high, most of them rely mostly on the manual operation of the installation workers, which requires the operators to have a good sense of product quality. It is important to strengthen the proficiency of the operators and their product awareness during the production process. High-quality aluminium windows should acquire the following qualities: fine processing, consistent angle (the main frame is usually 45 or 90 degrees), no obvious gaps during the splicing process, good sealing performance and smooth operation.

Poor craftsmanship of the windows will lead to poor sealing performance and water leakage. The glass may also break and fall off under strong wind and large external forces, which will cause injuries.

3. The hardware accessories

When selecting aluminium windows, we often pay more attention to the thickness of the aluminium profiles and glass. We often overlook the importance of the hardware accessories such as hinges, locks, handles, levers, etc. Without them, windows cannot be assembled and perform well and may lead to defects. In fact, our country has specified certain standards for aluminium windows. So, when selecting one, you should make sure that the thickness, strength and oxide film of the aluminium used for high-quality aluminium windows meet our national standards.

Tips when buying aluminium windows

There are several tips for you in selecting a high-quality aluminium window. First and foremost, the thickness of aluminium profiles of the aluminium windows should not be less than 1.2mm. Tempered glass or laminated glass are also better than float glass. If you consider the safety and durability of the windows, choose stainless steel hardware accessories (such as screws, hinges, handles, etc.) It is also advisable to choose pulley that is made of POM material. These products have higher strength and abrasion resistance. They are smooth during operation and not easily damaged.

The price of the aluminium windows is directly related to the price of aluminium ingots. Generally, the price of the aluminium windows is relatively stable. The price of the high-quality aluminium windows is usually 30% higher than poor quality aluminium windows. Poor quality aluminium windows usually contains a large amount of inferior and non-compatible materials and their thicknesses are only 0.6-0.8 mm. Hence, when choosing aluminium windows, we should take note of the price and look into their profile and specification to ensure that their thickness and strength meet the relevant national standards.

In conclusion, aluminium windows are constantly developing. You should consider installing them to give your house a different style and feel no matter they are for new builds, renovations or just contemporary properties. They are not only strong, durable and low maintenance, but also have a lot of colour choices to suite your property. With the above explanations about aluminium windows, I hope everyone can get the ideal product for your house.