Villa at KL

Take a tour around this renovated villa situated at KL and you will understand the definition of modern. This villa is a property that served as a sanctuary in the heart of the city. The whole property is surrounded by sidewalks, a garden, a backyard and a swimming pool, creating an oasis-like feel for the property.

The overall design of the villa adopted modern eclectic style. In each living space, different materials and design elements were used interchangeably to bring the most amazing visual outcome. Walls were taken down to be replaced by glass window panels and glass sliding doors to connect the interiors to exteriors. Furthermore, the white ceiling, white walls and wooden flooring enhance the natural light that floods in through the glass doors. Subtle yet significant black window frames and door frames add graphic elements to the crisp backdrop, creating a timeless design.

The living room of the villa was connected to the swimming pool through sliding doors. Tearing down the concrete walls and replacing them with transparent glass windows and doors. Hence, the main living spaces were filled with natural light and breathtaking pool view. The glass wall was the visual representation of how patterns can add sophisticated vibe to a property. The interior designer played around with different window elements such as top hung windows, clerestory windows, floor-to-ceiling multi-panel glass windows and aluminium glass door powder coated in white colour to create the large piece of glass wall. The whole glass wall was balanced with white coloured frames and sashes to introduce pattern and texture while creating a cohesive scheme.

The dining room applied the similar design as the living room to give a sense of unity. Double height windows, clerestory windows and glass french doors provide natural sunlight and leafy views of the backyard. The dining table was strategically placed near the windows to provide the ultimate dining experience. Besides, addition of motorized roller shades and roman cloth blinds for windows give you the sense of privacy and help to block the sunlight when needed.

To create contrast, the aluminium sliding door next to the living room was powder coated in jet black colour to complement the black sash of the glass panel. The designer challenged the conventional design and brought in different colours and textures as contrast. Sliding doors open up to the wide view of the swimming pool, making gatherings more enjoyable and fun. Besides, security mesh was added to the sliding door to block sunlight from entering the house, keeping the house cool all year around. Not to mention, security mesh is also effective for heat control and privacy.

Sliding doors were installed between rooms. They are proven to be savvy designs as compared to swing doors as they don’t take up much space. These phenomenal space saver glide smoothly while helping to separate spaces and ease transition between rooms.

On top of that, the second floor of the house was clad in a mix of glass panels and security mesh casement windows. They were arranged in symmetry to provide a modern flare. Enjoying the vast views of the tree canopy and cerulean sky would definitely be one of the favourite pastimes.

In general, the villa has numerous sustainable aspects as energy efficiency has been the top priority in architectural design these days. Tempered and low-E coating were applied on windows and doors to minimize the the amount of ultraviolet light that enters the house without minimizing the amount of sunlight, thus reducing the heat gain in hot weather. The overall ventilation of the house was also improved.

Window Elements successfully created a home which was practical for the family, provided strong connections to the pool and yard and had one-of-a-kind custom touches that worked in symphony with the architecture. From the design of the building, we understand that there isn’t any fixed rule in architecture design. Different window types and door types can be matched together to create an eclectic yet uniform style. Window Elements helps you to customize your windows and doors and fulfil even your wildest dream. With Window Elements’ shattered proof glass windows and glass doors, you can explore different kinds of designs without the worry of functionality, security and safety. We always strive to provide thoughtful design that will stand the test of time and passing fashions.