12 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Folding Doors

Folding doors or bi-fold doors are gaining popularity these days. They are ideal for many homeowners due to their unique features, modern appeal and ability in maximizing space. These are dreams for many homeowners and ideals for home improvements. Hence, we need to consider the right material when choosing folding doors. Here are 12 reasons you should choose aluminium folding doors.

1. Durable
Aluminium folding doors can last for decades which make them an incredibly worthwhile investment. There are several types of materials used in producing folding doors, such as aluminium, wood, particleboard, plywood, MDF and HDF. Amongst all the materials mentioned, aluminium is comparatively stronger, more durable and highly resilient as they can withstand heat and moisture. This results in thinner door frames and maximizes the glass area to give you plenty of sunlight and unobstructed view.

2. Perfect for Different Climate
Aluminium does not warp under different climate changes as compared to uPVC and wood which are more vulnerable and prone to warping. It can be your perfect balcony door or patio door as it can resist all types of weather and frequent exposure to heat and humidity. Furthermore, aluminium folding doors adopt heat insulation profiles, double-glazed glass and multipoint locking system to provide the optimal thermal and energy efficiency. This keeps your property warm in winter and cool in summer. In the long run, it helps to save your money on energy bills significantly.

3. Fire Resistant
It takes 700 degree Celsius to melt aluminium. Compared to wood which is highly flammable, aluminium folding doors have the advantage in fire resistance to protect you and your loved ones during fire emergency.

4. Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance
Aluminium folding doors require only occasional cleaning with the use of cloth and water to keep it clean and spotless.

5. Anti-rust
Aluminium folding doors are usually powder coated and do not need to be repainted. The high quality powder coated finishing helps to prevent aluminium from rusting, rotting, warping, discolouring and fading.

6. Chemical Resistant
Aluminium folding doors meet the requirements of environment protection as they are non-toxic and do not contain any harmful substances. The high quality powder coated surface helps to protect the aluminium against mild acidic liquid, therefore it will not corrode or fade. It can perform and retain its aesthetic throughout their lifetime, saving your money on maintaining and repainting the door.

7. Odourless and Hygienic
The aluminium surface is non-porous and it can prevent the breeding of bacteria and mold so that the health of your family is protected.

8. Lasting Performance
Aluminium folding doors can definitely withstand the test of time. They are effective in withstanding various environmental treats, making all your pennies count. High quality aluminium has better support and does not bend easily. Low quality aluminium is soft and less robust.

9. Waterproof
Aluminium folding doors are tightly sealed and there are no gaps between the door panels. Thus, they are water proof and can prevent water leakage during monsoon season.

10. Customizable Designs and Colours
Aluminium folding doors have slimmer frames so they can maximise the amount of sunlight into your living area. As folding doors have very sleek, stylish and minimal look, they are suitable for all kinds of modern home designs and will definitely become the major statement piece of your room. Compared to uPVC which has a limited option of colours and wood which is available in a few timber finishes, aluminium folding doors offer a variety of finishing colours to choose from, including wood grain finishing for a more traditional and rustic look. Configuration and customization are also available in terms of powder coating, size and number of leaves to better to suit your style and needs.

11. Environmental Friendly
Aluminium is 100% recyclable with no degradation. It produces zero waste, no pollution and can be recycled and reused, helping you in achieving a totally sustainable lifestyle.

12. Pests Resistant
Pest and termites hate aluminium. Besides, the aluminium folding doors have good sealing performance to keep insects and pests at bay so that your comfort will not be compromised.