Top 3 Aluminium Window Types in Malaysia

When it comes to window selection, there are plenty of choices out there. All windows let in sunlight and provide ventilation, but beyond that, different windows can vary in terms of designs, functions and sizes.

In general, all aluminium windows consist of two main components, which include the custom made aluminium extrusion profile and glass. In Window Elements, our aluminium frames are made by custom aluminium extruding alloys on 6000 series (aluminium extrusion material is AA6063) to suit Malaysia weather condition and meet our national standards. Alloys are modified to change the casting characteristics of the metal to increase strength, wear resistance, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance of the aluminium windows. Hence, aluminium windows are stronger, more durable and highly resilient as compared to other materials such as wood and PVC.

Looking at the glass of the aluminium windows, there are three glass types that are commonly used in Malaysian residence project – 1) float glass 2) laminated glass and 3) tempered glass. Different glasses have different levels of strength and functions.

Out of the vast choices of windows, listed down below are the top 3 aluminium window types in Malaysia.

Optima29 Casement Window

1) Casement Window = Swing Window = Side Hung Window

Casement window is a type of window that is commonly installed in Malaysia houses. It is also known as swing window or side hung window because the window frame is hinged to the sash on one side in order for it to swing open inward or outward, exactly like a swing door.

Casement window / swing window / side hung window gives you a simple, elegant and contemporary look that is suitable for all kinds of architectural designs. It is easy to operate and it has flexible opening to allow ventilation and breeze into your property. It is also suitable for the installation of grille bar and mosquito net for security and privacy.

The opening of the casement window / swing window / side hung window may cause inconvenience as it will occupy some space and it is easy to be damaged by strong wind. Besides, it is not convenient to open when there is a curtain. If the quality of the casement window / swing window / side hung wind is not good, rain water may seep through and causes damage to your window and property. Furthermore, it is also important to place a casement window away from traffic to avoid injuries.

2) Top Hung Window = Bottom Hung Window = Awning Window

A top hung window, bottom hung window or so called awning window is much like the casement window, but unlike casement window that is hinged at the side, top hung window is hinged at the top, so that it opens from the bottom. Due to this feature, top hung windows / bottom hung windows / awning windows are usually installed at higher places or confined places such as bathroom, kitchen, walk in closet, etc. You can also install these windows above or below fixed large glass panels to give you an unobstructed view while getting fresh air.

Unlike casement window, top hung windows / bottom hung windows / awning windows can be opened during rainy days. They are ideal for all climates as they are tough protector of rain and wind to ensure your property is ventilated but weatherproof. Moreover, top hung windows / bottom hung windows / awning windows are also versatile and decorative as they can be combined with other window types according to the needs and styles of the consumer.

When compared to casement windows and sliding windows, top hung windows have relatively small opening which do not allow wind into the room. Due to the fact that top hung windows are usually installed higher in the walls, they may not perform well as for emergency escape.

3) Fixed Glass Panel Window

Fixed glass panels are another favourite window type among homeowners. They are fixed windows that cannot be opened and they consist of slim aluminium frame and large piece of glass to give you an unobstructed view. They are commonly installed at the corridor, bedroom, kitchen, or any places where you want to fully enjoy the view. They work best in places where ventilation is not important.

Fixed glass panel has a elegant, high-end and minimalist aesthetic. The slim aluminium frame and large piece of glass help to transform your space to become more inviting and open. Undeniably, fixed glass panel will definitely be the focal point of your room. No matter your property is located near a sea, a mountain or a lush green landscape, fixed glass panels allow the picturesque view inside your house, giving you a visual connection with the outdoor and making it a part of your house. Furthermore, fixed glass panel maximizes natural light into your room and brighten up the space. Sitting on a couch next to the fixed glass panel, no doubt this will be your favourite spot to read a book, drink a cup of coffee or just let your mind wonder.

The large glass panes are not energy efficient and can lose or gain a lot of heat. It is not suitable for places that have extreme weather conditions. However, this issue can be solved by installing insulated glass. Another downside of fixed glass panel is the lack of ventilation and privacy. A combination of operable window is suggested to help improve the ventilation of your room. Undoubtedly, larger glass area also means a greater risk for break-ins. To fix this, you can choose high quality window and shatterproof glass to minimize the risk.

In conclusion, there is really no one standard rule when it comes to window design. It is up to your creativity to design, customize and match different types of windows to suite your style and needs. Inevitably, choosing right contractor and material will help to maximize the benefits mentioned.