How to Create Safer and More Stylish Homes with Aluminium Security Doors and Windows

Every home can be secure, stylish and comfortable at the same time. This said, you don’t need to compromise the aesthetics of your home’s interior in order to create a safer home. With aluminium security doors and windows, you can definitely have the best of both worlds. Thanks to new technology, these doors are designed with advanced security features along with a sleek and good-looking profile that fits into modern homes perfectly.

Security and Aesthetics in One: Arxtech

If you are looking for a highly stylish door that is optimized with the best security features, Arxtech aluminium security doors and windows will fulfil these requirements impeccably. Designed with security screen and mesh made from high tensile stainless steel wire mesh, this collection has outstanding impact resistance ability and excellent cutting resistance quality to give you a highly appealing set of windows and doors that are incredibly secure.

Take the Arxtech casement window for instance. Its clean line and elegant features blend into contemporary spaces while providing a graceful view from the inside when the window is opened. With its multi-point point interlocking system, this window is reassuringly secure and can withstand high levels of daily use and pushing and pulling forces.

Similarly, the Arxtech swing door also comes with the collection’s exclusive multi-point locking system which means the door is secured on two sides on the top and bottom of the door panel. With fine and high tensile stainless steel wire bonded together through a mechanical and chemical process, these doors are virtually see-through. Thanks to its concealed hinges and premium quality aluminium die casting with multipoint handle, these doors also create a polished and minimalist impression. Viewed from a home’s exterior, the door enhances your front entrance with an instantaneous sense of sophistication and luxury.

Safety that Comes with Versatile Style: Optima

Whether your spaces are designed with a traditional or contemporary theme, Optima aluminium security doors are made to match any interior style. These doors can be constructed into any size or thickness to meet different specification and comes with a selection of powder-coated colours. Additionally, users can choose from different varieties of high quality glass to create a particular interior ambience. For those who want a more nature-inspired look in their homes, these doors can also be enhanced with wood grain finishing. Every door is fitted with premium locking systems along with safety glass that is almost impossible to break.

These doors also do more than just look good and ensure a safe environment. The Optima 88 folding door, for example, helps to transform any room into a different space. The door is perfect for multipurpose spaces or in areas where you need flexible access. With its 2-point locking system that secures both top and bottom of the door panel, this door is designed with high security in mind as well.

For even more versatility, the Optima 89 Swing & Slide Door (Pivot Door) serves as both a door and a partition system for any interior paces with its directional feature (pivot and slide function) to give you the flexibility of partitioning your space into any form or shape. As the door panels are equipped with hidden rollers and clean-cut frames, these doors are ideal for ultra-modern spaces.

Energy-efficient Safety and Comfort: Breezway Altair Window Louvres

You may prioritize the safety of your home, but you also want to enjoy fresh air and natural light at the same time. Here’s where Breezway Altair Window Louvres would do an energy-efficient job keeping the harsh weather out while bringing in natural air and daylight – this means you can also reduce the use of air-conditioning or artificial lighting at home.

Designed with premium materials, these louvre windows are fitted into aluminium frames which provide the additional benefit of an energy-efficient window that comes with improved security features. Altair Window Louvres also seal tight to provide superior wind and water performance and offer a range of glazing options to suit the Asian climate. Low maintenance and easy to care for, these louvres can be powder-coated in a wide range of colours to match your preferred interior palette.