The Benefits of Replacing Your Window Grilles with Security Screens

Window grilles are a common security element for most homes in Malaysia as they give the impression of safety. Installed over windows and doors, grilles can be made from a variety of materials including iron, aluminium, stainless steel and even wood and concrete. Most people may have the misconception that grilles are a good option for home security, but they actually come with their own set of risks. For example, window grilles are considered a fire hazard. There have been cases of families getting trapped inside their home with no way of getting out during a fire due to faulty locks or misplaced keys to the locks of their window and door grilles. Moreover, grilles aren’t a great-looking feature, and some homes end up looking like a prison cell from the outside.

A much better alternative for home security is a security mesh or security screen. When you replace iron grilles with security mesh, you will be getting not just a long-lasting, and versatile security screen as the screen also comes with a host of benefits that would enhance your home environment.

Made from premium quality stainless steel, ArxTech security screens from Window Elements feature a high-tensile stainless steel mesh system primarily designed for security purposes to prevent forced entry or break-ins. These screens fit with different types of windows and doors elegantly. For example, it can be installed with a casement window or a sliding door to create a seamless and sophisticated-looking space.

As ArxTech security screens are made from premium stainless steel, these screens demonstrate excellent strength, high durability and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Woven into fine mesh, the screen’s steel mesh panels are engineered to ensure the thickness of the wire mesh is thicker than the standard market thickness. This means the security screen has exceptional impact and cutting resistance. When used as a strong penetration-resistant shield behind windows and doors, the screens offer a high level of security. Thus, you can rest assured your home is well protected from different elements like strong winds, high humidity external force and impact as well as attempts to cut or damage it – all without the need for bulky, heavy grilles.

Unlike window grilles, Arxtech security screens serve more than keeping out unwanted intruders. These screens which come with finely woven mesh panels also keep insects and dangerous mosquitoes at bay. As the screens are also really strong and durable, you don’t have to worry about it stretching or sagging like conventional insect screens.

Despite its fine mesh, security screens don’t affect airflow or ventilation within the home, which makes it an ideal choice for every window in your living space. In fact, the screens offer unobstructed outdoor views as well. As it is made from strong materials, parents also do not need to fear that their kids or pets can tear through the screen and endanger themselves.

The aesthetic benefit of security screens is also more important than you think. Contemporary homes tend to look better without heavy bars across the façade. Arxtech security screens blend in beautifully with any exterior style while setting off an ultra-modern appearance. On the same note, homes with security screens generally yield better sale or rental value because they look more luxurious and high-end.

It’s important to point out that security screens like Arxtech perform optimally when combined with quality doors and windows that incorporates premium quality features. For instance, the addition of an aluminium frame, advanced multipoint locking system and concealed hinges effectively deter intruders from entering your home by force. Thus is it crucial to get good quality parts and accessories which work in tandem with your security screens for a total peace of mind.

When you compare security screens to window grilles, Arxtech offers better security without compromising aesthetic or comfort. If you are thinking of securing your home with window grilles, do consider changing it to a security screen instead as they are a far more superior choice and makes an excellent long-term investment for the home.