The Dangers of Iron Grilles: Why Security Mesh Windows are a Better Choice

In Malaysia, it is common to see iron grilles installed on the windows of almost every house in a single neighbourhood. Iron grilles are a popular choice among Malaysian homeowners because they are easily available, affordable and are often considered a practical way to protect homes from burglars. Unfortunately, there are hidden dangers with iron grilles – while they effectively keep intruders out, they also lock you in.

Iron Grilles and Fire Hazards
There have been incidences where residents are trapped inside during a fire because they could not open their tightly locked grilles. For example, on February 7, 2017, a family of four died in a fire that ravaged their two-storey terrace house in USJ, Subang Jaya. As the fire started on the ground floor, their only escape route was through the windows of their bedrooms upstairs. They could have easily gotten out in time but because their iron grilles were locked, they could not escape and died of smoke inhalation.

This sort of tragedy could be avoided if better precautions were taken when iron grilles are used. While iron grilles are generally an acceptable choice for home security, they come with their own set of risks, mostly due to being difficult to open. Bolts can become rusty over the years or keys may not work, thus causing the iron grilles to be tightly locked. It is also common for owners to forget where they put their keys. When emergency arises, it may be too late to look for them.

A Safer Option: Security Mesh Windows
While all these risks can be easily mitigated through proper care and precaution, you can also opt for security mesh windows which keep you safe inside out. These windows which come fitted with security mesh are easy to lock and unlock while offering you security benefits along with other advantages. Once locked from the inside, the windows are completely impenetrable from the outside, which ensures intruders cannot break in easily. However, the handles are easily accessible from the inside, which means you can open and shut your windows effortlessly throughout the day.

Other Benefits of Security Mesh Windows
Safety aside, security mesh windows also offer a host of other advantages. For example, keeping mosquitoes at bay. When you install an iron grille, it is a good idea to include an additional mosquito screen as well. However, this would incur additional costs and extra maintenance on your part. With security mesh windows, they already come with a mesh panel which serves as an insect or mosquito screen as well. This feature saves you the extra time and cost required to get a separate screen.

Unlike iron grilles, security mesh on windows also gives you unobstructed outdoor views while ensuring privacy – it works like a two-way mirror where people on the outside cannot look inside but from the inside, you can see the outside world clearly. Furthermore, in terms of appearance, security mesh windows look sleeker and more elegant, which makes it a better choice for high-end homes.

Choosing the Right Security Mesh Window
It is important to go for a high-quality security mesh window as you want something that is high performance and truly durable. Materials play an important role and when it comes to windows designed for security purposes, high-grade stainless-steel security mesh is highly recommended. While it costs more, it offers higher standards of quality in terms of performance, service life and resistance against impact and rust.

The ArxTech safety window is a good example of a window fitted with elegantly designed security mesh. Made from High Tensile Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh, these steel mesh panels are used as a penetration-resistant shield behind windows and doors. Designed to fit contemporary homes, these highly secure windows efficiently prevent break-in attempts and serve as an insect screen as well.