Top 3 Aluminium Door Types in Malaysia

Apart from wood and glass doors, aluminium doors and windows are wonderful and versatile choices for the home. Doors and windows made from aluminium aren’t just durable and long-lasting; they offer an ultra-modern appearance that adds to the aesthetic of your homes as well.

However, not all aluminium door materials are the same as they come in different grades with different quality. Thus, it’s crucial that you invest in premium quality aluminium when it comes to your doors and windows. At Window Elements, only high-quality aluminium and materials are used to offer you a comprehensive range of trendy, yet resilient collection of doors and windows that come with impressive security features.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 aluminium door types in Malaysia and how they help to enhance your home in a variety of ways.

Sliding Door

Sliding doors are space-saving doors that don’t require space for them to swing open. Hence it is suitable for optimising space in smaller rooms. As its names suggest, the door slides open or close against a track or runner in a back and forth motion. These doors are ideal for the living or dining room which opens out to the garden and interconnecting spaces within a room, like between a dry and wet kitchen. Here are more ideas on using sliding doors.

Made from premium grade aluminium, Optima 68 Sliding Door from Window Elements combines strength, high performance, security and a sophisticated look. These sliding doors glide smoothly and silently, thanks to fine combs of wool hair attached to the door frame and an anti-corrosion track. The rails are also safely towed at the top and bottom, making it easy to open and close these doors. The unique design of these doors allows them to be moved to one side as required, leaving 50% of the passage area so that you can easily connect two spaces to create a spacious room. Window Elements also recommends the Arxtech Sliding Doors System which combines safety features with high-end style.

House with aluminium folding door

Folding Door

A folding door is easily recognisable by its panels that fold and unfold to open or close the door. This door type is also known as a bi-fold door, or a Concertina door because it works like an accordion. Despite being called a bi-fold door, it can come with more than two panels. These panels fold in and out with the help of rollers over a track. Like the sliding door, folding doors are space-saving features for the home. These doors are also great for separating and combining two spaces for temporary extension. They are ideal for semi-outdoor areas that you can close or open up when you want to use the space. Learn more about where to use folding doors here.

Designed with smart features, the innovative ArxTech Folding Door System from Window Elements provides convenient and flexible access without compromising security. This door offers high security by using a 6-point locking system on both the door panel’s top and bottom. The door is further enhanced with a heavy-duty pivot system to ensure your home is fitted with a reliable yet stylish folding door. ArxTech Folding Door System is also virtually see-through as it incorporates 2.4mm (1.2mm + 1.2mm) thickness High Tensile Stainless Steel Wire joined together through a mechanical and chemical bonding process. For a cleaner look, the door comes with high-quality concealed hinges and premium quality aluminium die casting multipoint handle. There is also a choice of powder-coated colour or wood grain finish. ArxTech aside, the Optima 88 Folding Door from Window Elements is also an excellent door to consider or your home.

Swing Door

The swing door is one of the most common doors and can be used for any space, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, storeroom, bathroom, or main entrance. For residential purposes, they often come in single and double versions and can be opened in both or either directions. As they are fixed on pivot hinges that open the door leaves to 90° on either side, you need to allocate swing space for them. They usually come with a doorknob or pull handles and can be made from different materials. Most homes would probably have wood doors; however, aluminium swing doors are an excellent investment for the home due to their high strength and long-lasting materials.

One of the most stylish safety swing doors in the market is the ArxTech Swing Door System which ensures optimal security while offering you different types of finishing to suit your interior specifications. In Malaysia, it’s popular as an entrance door because of its innovative security features and sophisticated style. The door uses a 6-point locking system that secures both the top and bottom of the door panel and comes with high-quality concealed hinges. As it features High Tensile Stainless Steel Wire, it is see-through yet thoroughly secure. The multipoint handles are made from premium quality aluminium die casting multipoint handle, and the doors can be tailored to any size or thickness. For more swing door options, also check out Optima 78 Swing Door.