Is a Folding Door, Multifold Door or Bifold Door a Practical Door System for Your Home?

The folding door, multifold or bifold door is one of the top choices for Malaysian homes, thanks to their sleek aesthetics and functional features as well as many other benefits. Comprising a series of door panels that fold back and forth, the folding door is also known as a “concertina” to reflect its accordion-like characteristics. In this article, let’s explore how a bifold, folding or multifold door is an exceptionally practical door for your home.

Optima88 Aluminium Folding Door open

Flexible and Convenient Access

The beauty of folding doors rests in its sheer flexibility to provide you with convenient access as, when, and how you want it. You can partially or entirely open or close the folding door to suit your preferences anytime you desire.

For example, if the folding door opens out to the garden, you can fold them back for a wide opening to enjoy the cold breezes and views of your lush landscaping. And when it’s time for bed, it’s just as easy to close the door completely. For those who prefer easy and convenient access, this type of door proves to be an excellent choice for the home.

Versatile Design

Multifold doors are also exceptionally flexible in terms of design and style, which means they can fit and adapt to any space or interior theme. Whether you have a wide entryway or a small opening, you can obtain a folding door to meet different specifications. Additionally, because of its versatility, this type of door works well as a flexible and spacious partition between two spaces. To offer you more design possibilities, folding doors also come in a broad range of styles, material types, colours and more.

At Window Elements, their Optima88 and Arxtech folding doors systems are designed to match a diverse range of spatial requirements. These doors also offer a stylish transformative effect. For example, Optima88 folding door elegantly transforms any room to evoke a different ambience by letting in outdoor views. Aesthetics aside, this door system ensures flexible access and optimum security at the same time.

Space Saving Door

As their name suggests, bifold or folding doors fold rather than swing – this means you don’t need to make room for any door swing. This unique feature makes folding doors a space-saving door that you can install in compact spaces or tight corners. Additionally, when you completely open a multifold door, the panels fold back and can be neatly tucked into the corner without taking up extra space.

Arxtech Premium Security Aluminium Folding Door

Enhanced Safety at Home

While there are many bifold or multifold doors available in the market, it’s essential to choose one with advanced security features – primarily if this door would be used as an entry point between your indoor and outdoor space.

At Window Elements, their folding doors series (Optima88 and Arxtech) are designed to be exceptionally secure. Made from high-strength, premium aluminium, these doors also feature a unique multipoint locking system that secures both the top and bottom of the door panel. The Arxtech folding door, for instance, has a multipoint locking system and a heavy-duty pivot system for enhanced security. Moreover, this stylish door is also fitted with high tensile stainless steel wire that is virtually see-through. This means you don’t need to compromise views with high security, making this door a highly practical one for outdoor-indoor spaces.

Getting back to the main question: is getting a multifold or folding door practical for your home and lifestyle? The answer is yes! With its versatility, exciting range of design options as well as enhanced security features, it’s an excellent door system for your home. Here are more reasons why you should choose an aluminium folding door.

Be reminded though, that getting a quality folding door matters, so do consider Window Elements’ premium Arxtech or Optima folding door system to ensure you have a durable, elegant and highly secure door that protects you and your family all the way.

In fact, you can also complement your multifold door system with folding windows from Arxtech and Optima. This way, you can keep your home’s design theme cohesive while enjoying a peace of mind knowing that every opening at your home is well-protected while ensuring you have views and fresh air throughout the day.