How to Choose the Best Aluminium Windows and Doors for Your Home

With so many types of doors and windows in the market, it’s a good idea to make your selection carefully. Aluminium doors and windows are a great choice as they offer a host of benefits that blend in well with modern homes. If you are opting for an aluminium door or window for your home, here are some key factors to consider to ensure you have made a good investment.


Material Quality 

Not every aluminium door and window offers the same quality and features, so always go to a reliable company when you shop for one. It is worth spending a little more on premium quality aluminium so you can be assured your aluminium doors and windows are durable and can last for a long time. Changing or replacing doors and windows is costly and not an easy task; thus, you wouldn’t want something that needs replacing every few years.

At Window Elements, their collections of stylish security windows and doors are made from high quality, premium-grade aluminium, which provides strength and durability. Carefully produced via meticulous craftsmanship, their doors and windows also feature premium hardware and high-quality glass or screen to offer exceptional performance, enhanced security, along with elegant aesthetic value.

The Optima range, for instance, combines a beautiful aluminium profile and quality glass to create the perfect mix of louvres, casement windows, swing doors, folding doors and swing and slide doors. Ideal for luxurious residences, Optima windows and doors are assembled with the finest accessories in the market. Essential components like rollers, handles and lock sets are imported from Europe, made by world-known manufacturers. The parts are tested and picked to match the window and door design for ease of use to complement a tasteful and comfortable lifestyle.


Security Features

While doors and windows add to the beauty of our homes, their central role is to keep our homes safe and sound. Designed specifically to prevent break-ins, high-quality aluminium security doors and windows play a significant part in every property’s security system. Many homeowners now prefer this type of door or window over conventional iron grilles as they effectively maintain home safety inside out without compromising aesthetics and outdoor views. 

Window Elements collections of aluminium security doors and windows come equipped with innovative security features with additional benefits in terms of safety, comfort, and convenience. The ArxTech collection, which comprises the ArxTech casement window, ArxTech sliding door, ArxTech folding door, and ArxTech swing door, is one of the most flexible systems to date. ArxTech doors and windows come with a multipoint locking system to ensure optimal security while providing easy access.

ArxTech products also incorporate a high tensile stainless steel wire mesh in the form of a penetration-resistant security screen behind the windows and doors. Made from stainless steel and woven into a fine mesh, ArxTech security mesh is highly resilient and can withstand any break-in attempts, as well as keeping bugs and insects away.


Design and Style 

Another important factor when it comes to choosing the right aluminium doors and windows is their design and stylistic features. The good news is, with their lightweight-looking and sleek profile, aluminium doors and windows blend in with virtually any interior style – whether you prefer a minimalist and contemporary theme or something more traditional, classic, or Oriental.

Both the Optima and ArxTech series are completely customisable with your choice of powder-coated colours or wood grain finish, available in different sizes, various designs, and equipped with sophisticated accessories. Optima is renowned for its clean design complemented by a wide and deep frame, making it a perfect statement-making door or window for the home. For contemporary-styled homes, ArxTech fits beautifully, thanks to its sleek aesthetics achieved using high tensile stainless steel wire mesh, concealed hinges, and smooth finishing.