Top Folding Door Design in Malaysia

Every home can benefit from a folding door, whether you live in a compact condo unit or a three-storey villa. In Malaysia, folding doors are a popular choice, often serving as a multipurpose design element to enhance a home interior. 

What is a Folding Door?

Sometimes known as bi-fold doors, a folding door consists of two or more panels that you can fold in or unfold out to open and close the door – hence its name. For folding doors with more than two panels, the accurate term would be a concertina door as the multi-panelled elements work like the musical instrument concertina or accordion.

Folding doors are ideal for homeowners with smaller interiors to maximise useable floor space. Unlike a standard single-leaf door, you don’t need to allocate space for the swing, which leaves you with more space in a room. In larger homes, folding doors can also serve as room dividers, allowing you the flexibility to expand an area or close it off when not in use. It’s also a suitable door for storerooms, ensuite bathrooms, wardrobes, and pantries. 

You can find folding doors made from different types of materials. Aluminium, UPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride), and wood are often top choices as each of them has a unique set of benefits to offer. Of the three, if you are looking for a folding door that is contemporary-looking, lightweight, and easy to maintain, aluminium takes the top spot. 

The Benefits of Aluminium Folding Doors 

Aluminium folding doors are generally constructed using aluminium alloy with a thickness of 1-2mm in compliance with international standards. This ensures a durable and sturdy door that does not bend or deform due to wear and tear or temperature changes. Rails and wheels are also made from this high-quality material. Because of this, aluminium folding doors are more expensive, but if you take into account its many advantages, it is an excellent investment in the long run.  

One of the things that draw Malaysian homeowners and interior designs to aluminium folding doors are their sleek aesthetics. No other types come close to offering a stylish and high-end looking folding door like one that is made from aluminium. Furthermore, it provides great strength in terms of frame to glass ratio, which means you can achieve higher visibility in terms of bringing views from the outside. 


Top Folding Door Designs to Consider 

With the advent of door technology, you can also enjoy additional safety and design features in your folding door. Here are a few examples of excellent folding door design elements: 


Safety, style, and high visibility 

If you want a combination of security, beauty, and visibility, ArxTech folding doors from Window Elements are a superb choice. Equipped with a heavy-duty pivot system, this folding door system offers you convenient and flexible access while ensuring optimum security. This is made possible using a multi-point locking system that secures both the top and bottom of the door panel.

That’s not all. The folding door is also virtually see-through, thanks to a safety screen featuring a high tensile stainless steel wire system to enhance the security aspect of the door. 


Versatile Design with a Minimalist Touch 

Another folding door system worth investing in is the Optima 88 folding door from Window Elements. This folding door is exclusively designed as a stylish exterior door that links to outdoor spaces like the patio, balcony, garden, or swimming pool deck. Made from premium grade aluminium, the door offers strength, security, and durability, as well as minimal maintenance. This is the perfect door if you want a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces while making sure your home receives optimal daylight. 

Optima 88 is incredibly good-looking too. Featuring a minimalist design that leans towards a sense of sophisticated simplicity, it infuses a luxurious vibe into your home spaces. Additionally, the door comes with custom-designed concealed hinges to complement the lightweight appearance. This door is also available in your choice of powder-coated colour or wood grain finish with an optional lattice or full glass design.

Folding Doors Shopping Tips 

If you have decided to install a folding door in your home, check out these buying tips before you head out to make your purchase: 

  • Where would you like to install a folding door? Decide on the location of your folding door beforehand.
  • Size is important! Make sure you bring along your floor plan or any interior measurements when you drop by a door showroom.
  • As panels are the key components of a folding door, be sure to ask the sales consultant to recommend the best number of panels for your opening. A rule of thumb is to keep to an odd number of panels, but how many you need would also largely depend on the size of the door location. 
  • Aluminium folding doors are highly recommended due to their many benefits. It’s best not to skimp on a folding door as you would want a door that lasts for years to come. Work out a budget and discuss with the sales consultant about what’s possible. 
  • Do you want a solid folding door or one with glass? Do you need additional safety features? Have a checklist highlighting your requirements ready.

Don’t worry if you are still uncertain about how to go about getting a folding door. Consultants at Window Elements are just a phone call or email away to help you with all your queries.