Are Folding Doors a Good Idea? Yes, They Are; Here’s Why

With so many types of doors to choose from, it may be overwhelming to find the right one. The key is to identify the purpose of the door and where you want to install it. For example, swing doors are ideal as a front door or room door, while sliding doors are great for spaces where you want ample views of the outdoors. Apart from this, you can also consider folding doors

The folding door, also referred to as a multifold or bifold door, consists of several door panels that fold against each other to open and close the door. Due to its accordion-like style, the folding door is also known as a “concertina” to reflect the musical instrument. If you are thinking about whether folding doors are a good choice for your home, consider the benefits below. 


Why Folding Doors Can Be an Excellent Choice for Your Home 

There are various benefits to selecting a folding door to complement your home interior. Whether you want a small-scale folding door or an extensive one, this type of door is an excellent addition to any residential property. 

It’s a space-saving feature 

Opened or closed, a folding door requires very little space to be manoeuvred and is thus an excellent choice for rooms with limited square footage. Unlike standard swing and sliding doors, which can only be opened to a limited extent, the panels of a folding door can be folded and tucked behind each other to maximise space. When needed, a simple push-pull or slide-and-fold movement can effortlessly link or separate two sections. For this reason, folding doors ensure a room is spacious while providing unobstructed views, natural light and air.  

You’d be impressed by how stylish it is

Convenience and versatility aside, contemporary folding doors are a stylish element for modern homes. Depending on the materials you choose, you can achieve many design outcomes with a folding door. Many homeowners who want a luxurious outlook for their properties tend to go for aluminium folding doors as they exude an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. Moreover, folding doors can easily blend with any architectural concept, making them suitable for different spaces at home – for instance, balconies, studios, garages, halls, enclosed rooms, kitchens, and walk-in wardrobes. 

Convenience and comfort in one door 

Thanks to the folding door’s unique mechanism, it is a fuss-free solution for spaces where you need convenient access throughout the day. These doors are also user-friendly and comfortable to open and close, making them an exceptional selection for places with heavy traffic or constant use of the door. A good example is a semi-outdoor area that you use frequently. When it’s breezy outside, you can open the folding door entirely to enjoy the cool weather. When it rains, you can easily and quickly close the door with a gentle pull. Other times, you can partially open them to maintain some privacy indoors. 

Folding doors are easy to maintain 

Expect easy maintenance when it comes to aluminium folding doors. All you need is basic care and cleaning as you do for other parts of a house. Just regularly wipe down the frame with water and a light detergent to keep it looking new and polished. However, take note of any issues with the door panels. It’s better to fix any malfunctioning parts as soon as possible before wear and tear render them unusable. The good news is, if your folding door is made from premium materials like high-quality aluminium, they are usually designed to last for a long time and withstand changing climates and heavy use. 


Security Folding Doors: An Even Better Choice 

The benefits of folding doors listed above show how these doors can boost your home environment in a variety of ways. However, why stop there? With new innovations in the doors and windows industry, there is now a wide range of folding doors enhanced with security features to choose from. 

Window ElementsArxtech and Optima88 folding door series are one of the best security doors in the market. These doors are made of high-quality, high-strength aluminium and come with a unique multipoint locking mechanism to secure the top and bottom of the door panel. 

Ideal for doors which serve as your entry points to the exterior, the Arxtech folding door incorporates a heavy-duty pivot system and a multipoint locking system for increased security. Additionally, this stylish door is equipped with virtually transparent high tensile stainless steel wire. Because of this, you can enjoy reliable home protection without forgoing views, making this door very useful for outdoor-indoor spaces.

The Optima 88 folding door is another secure folding door system that provides strength, security, and durability while requiring little maintenance because it is made of top-grade aluminium. This door is the perfect solution if you want a smooth transition between interior and outdoor rooms while ensuring your home gets the most natural light. With concealed hinges and a lightweight frame, this door also adds a posh feel to your home spaces with its minimalist design.