Is Aluminium Good for Window And Door Frames?

Windows and doors are more than just structural elements that provide access, light and air to your property. They also contribute to the aesthetics and comfort of your home. An essential component of any door and window is the frame. What are window and door frames, and how do they work?

What are Window and Door Frames?

All windows are supported by frames that include the head, sill, and jamb, which surround, support, and enclose the entire window system. Window frames help hold glass panes in place; hence without them, windows would have no support at all. In addition, frames keep windows firmly in place inside a wall.

Like window frames, door frames support the door via a simple assembly of vertical and horizontal components fitted to a door leaf or panel. Generally, door frames also include side jambs, sill, and head jambs. 

Types of Materials 

The choice of materials for window and door frames plays a vital role in ensuring your doors and windows are sturdy, durable and visually appealing. 

Many types of materials are suitable for door and window frames for residential homes, including timber/wood, aluminium, uPVC, fibreglass and steel. While wood frames are commonly used, aluminium is rapidly gaining popularity due to its many benefits. If you are wondering if aluminium is a good choice for the window and door frames in your home, consider the advantages below.

Benefits of Aluminium Frames 

With more and more Malaysian properties featuring contemporary and sleek designs, aluminium doors and windows are in high demand. In the architectural and interior design realm, this versatile material is often a designer’s top choice in creating modern design styles. 

Strong and sturdy

While aluminium is lighter than other materials, aluminium does not compromise its strength and durability. Thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminium makes an excellent frame for windows and doors as it can easily hold huge glass panes together as well as incorporate security features. This material also does not warp, dent, or warp easily. Even in our hot and humid weather, aluminium is corrosion-resistant and can withstand rain, wind, and intense sunlight very well without rusting, deforming, or losing its colour or sleek appearance.  


Windows and doors can help create an energy-efficient home via the use of low-E glass. Your choice of glass panes aside, window frames can also affect heat transfer into your home. Here’s where aluminium frames offer excellent thermal and sound insulation, as they can easily increase heat gain and loss by more than 60%. Moreover, they are highly recyclable, making them one of the most environmentally sustainable materials around. 

Easy maintenance

Aluminium doors and windows are easy to care for. All they need is routine cleaning using a cloth, regular detergent and water to keep the frames clean and free from dust and grime. Unlike wood or steel, you don’t need to spend on paint or polish to keep them looking good. 


If you need doors and windows tailored to different specifications, aluminium frames provide a wide range of customisation options, ranging from different sizes to various finishes and colours. Regardless of the window or door style you are going for, aluminium frames are able to meet diverse residential specifications.

Opt for High-Quality Aluminium Frames 

So is aluminium good for window and door frames? Considering all of its benefits and unique characteristics like exceptional strength, energy performance, and versatility, it’s a resounding yes! However, bear in mind that not all aluminium frames offer the same level of quality. Hence it’s important to do your research and make comparisons before making a purchase. 

When selecting windows or doors with aluminium frames, please take note of the price and ensure that their thickness and strength meet quality standards. As a rule of thumb, for quality aluminium frames, the profile’s thickness should not be less than 1.2mm. Pricewise, high-quality aluminium windows and doors are usually 30% higher than poor quality ones. It’s not advisable to skimp in this area because inferior quality aluminium frames tend to come with non-compatible materials with a thickness of 0.6-0.8 mm – this means it may not be as durable, and there’s a possibility you may need to replace them after a while.  

At Window Elements, their impressive range of security windows and doors is made from premium quality aluminium and high-performance glass. Frames are powder-coated on 1.6mm to 2.0mm-thick aluminium, which means you can be assured of their durability and strength. 

If you are looking for secure and stylish doors and windows, their ArxTech range offers a series of aluminium doors and windows with multipoint locking systems as well as your choice of finishing. For a unique touch of aesthetics and functionality, the Optima collection of doors and windows features high-quality aluminium frames and glass, which are completely customisable to different sizes, various designs, and multiple functions. Ideal for both large and small properties, these windows and doors ensure comfort, elegance, safety and long-lasting durability for your peace of mind.